August 5, 2020

There are already 571 cases of infected by the new coronavirus in China

China’s health authorities have raised to 571 the number of infected by the new coronavirus that causes Wuhan pneumonia, which has already left at least 17 dead, state news agency Xinhua reported today.

The National Health Commission of China said that by midnight on Wednesday it had counted 571 confirmed cases in 25 provinces and regions of the Asian country.

Throughout Wednesday, 131 new cases were certified.

To date, Chinese health services have followed 5,897 people who have been in close contact with infected patients and, of these, 4,928 are under observation. 969 have been discharged.

According to the aforementioned commission, the incubation period of the virus can last up to 14 days.

The symptoms of the new coronavirus, called 2019-nCoV provisionally by the World Health Organization (WHO), are in many cases similar to those of a cold, but may be accompanied by fever and fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea (difficulty breathing ).

The virus is already present in at least 13 Chinese provinces, in addition to the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, which confirmed their first cases on Wednesday, and at least 4 people affected in Thailand have been detected at the moment, and one in each of these countries: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

WHO will continue today with its expert meeting to determine whether it is necessary to declare an international alert for the virus.


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