January 19, 2021

TheGrefg Makes Twitch History With Over Two Million Viewers

TheGrefg makes Twitch history with over two million 'viewers'

TheGrefg Makes Twitch History With Over Two Million Viewers

The Murcian David Cánovas Martínez, or ´TheGrefg ‘for the Twitch community, broke the world record of viewers on Monday night simultaneous on the aforementioned platform with more than 2.5 million during the presentation of his skin (appearance) for the video game Fortnite. The streamer alhameño I was already at the top of the list for just over a month, when his broadcast of the final event of Galactus in the Epic Games title managed to gather 660,000 people on his channel, some more than the North American Tyler ´Ninja ‘Blevins got in 2018 during his game in this battle royale with rapper Drake.

The broadcast of TheGrefg was intended to presentation of their collaboration with the Fortnite Idol series. This is a line of characters based on the most relevant content creators worldwide. Streamers like Ninja himself, Lachlan Power and Loserfruit already had their own ´avatars’ for some time, and the more than six million followers of the Murcian had been waiting for about a year to see his skin, so the expectation was maximum .

But the audience figures exceeded all expectations. And is that As soon as the live started, 700,000 people had already connected -automatically setting a new record-, and at the peak of the stream there were two and a half million pending users of TheGrefg channel, something never seen before on Twitch. Just look at the figures: the Murcian, resident in Andorra, quadrupled his best mark this Monday; Or, in other words, it pulverized the highest number of viewers achieved by an individual channel on the platform.

In this sense, it should be clarified that TheGrefg’s record is, indeed, that of an individual channel, and it is still far from the numbers obtained by Sony during the presentation event of the PlayStation 5, which had a virtual audience of more than 6 million viewers.

In any case, and unsurprisingly, TheGrefg’s milestone did not go unnoticed among the Twicht community. The Murcian became a trend on Twitter and the network was filled with messages of support from followers and fellow streamers like Bugha and Ninja. After finishing his live broadcast, TheGrefg published a tweet in which he claimed to “almost die” when he saw the more than two million users in the viewer count. “I have burst into tears, you don’t know how I thank you“wrote the young Alhameño, barely 23 years old.

Twitch – acquired by Amazon in 2014 – is currently the largest international platform for live video game broadcasting, and attracts people from all corners of the globe who enjoy content from thousands of professional gamers. In this context, Fortnite is one of the star titles, a true success that continues to delight children, young people and some of the most famous characters in the world (athletes, actors …). A free-for-all battle with fantasy elements consisting of a ‘everyone against everyone’ that is estimated to be played by more than 30 million people regularly around the world.

In addition to TheGrefg, Spain has some of the most successful channels in the world in Twicht, such as those of AuronPlay, Biyin, ElRubius or Ibai Llanos. The success of this platform has reached such a level in our country that even Salvador Illa, Minister of Health and PSC candidate for the Catalan elections, revealed that he welcomed the new year by watching the broadcast of the latter on Twitch.


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