March 6, 2021

The'canaria' Giosy Moltino conquers Paulina Rubio with 'Satisfaction' – The Province

The'canaria' Giosy Moltino conquers Paulina Rubio with 'Satisfaction' - The Province

24 years old, from Naples, but resident in Tenerife. So is Giosy Moltino, who works as a singer in different hotels on the island. The young woman performed on Monday night at the Blind Auditions of 'La Voz', the famous program of Antenna 3.

Moltino put the audience on their feet by playing a version of 'Satisfaction' by soul queen Aretha Franklin. The resident in Tenerife conquered with all her claw Paulina Rubio, who has not hesitated to turn around before his performance and include it in his team.

"Tired of prejudices towards her person because of her image", Giosy She decided to participate in this edition of the Atresmedia program to "show her most sensitive part and make people forget their appearance when they hear her sing".

The third Canarian representative

Together with Moltino, there are already three representatives from the Canary Islands who have become part of the coaching team of 'La Voz', –Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, Paulina Rubio Y Luis Fonsi

The first was the Gran Canaria Beatriz Pérez, vocalist of 'Last Key'. Luis Fonsi's unconditional fan ", he chose a song by the Puerto Rican artist," Nada es para siempre "and without wanting it, he starred in one of the greatest anecdotes of this edition of the program: During the performance, Antonio Orozco, blocked Fonsi, because" he wants him ", the Catalan said afterwards, and finally, he had to decide between Antonio Orozco and Pablo López and finally he chose to be part of the Malacitano team.

The second, from Tenerife, is Jessy Rospo He also sings regularly in hotels on the island. From 47 years, he came to 'La Voz' to "show that age is not a problem to succeed in music but with fear that young people can overshadow it". He opted for the song 'Total eclipse of the heart' by Bonnie Tyler and fell in love with Paulina Rubio.


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