Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Thebes resigns as president of the Football League to run for re-election

Javier Thebes announced tonight by surprise that he presents his resignation as league president Soccer to appear at the r
eelection. The elections were scheduled for October 2020. This strategy was already used by Thebes in 2016. So nobody fought with him for a position he has held since 2013. If he won, this would be the third mandate of the Oscense lawyer in charge of Spanish clubs . Thebes dropped its information bomb when the attention of the football world was focused on Paris at the gala of the winner of the Golden Ball, that relapsed for the sixth time in Leo Messi.

Apparently, the still president has observed some discomfort in some clubs, which could end with the presentation of some alternative, so Thebes wants to end that possibility ahead of his movements.

Change of idea

Thebes was against the electoral advance

Javier Tebas announced his decision in a letter to the clubs he made public on social networks. A few weeks ago, in several interviews, he denied that he intended to advance the electoral calendar, but now he has changed his mind.

Behind this change is the closeness of the national TV rights competition process for the 2022-2025 triennium, which would be approximately between March and June 2021, and at which 1,200 million euros are at stake. In Tebas's opinion, “too close to the electoral period, that is why the need for advancement. Since to prepare an appropriate strategy for audiovisual rights, time and stability in the institution are needed ”.

The new political course

Thebes wants support before the new government

Another reason that Thebes wields in his letter is that “a new political course is going to be initiated, where it is possible that laws and directives that affect our institution may be raised in our Parliament and in the European … which may affect our assets and our competitiveness with other leagues in Europe. And of course, in order to speak with all the actors involved, I think it is not good to do so with a mandate that has a few months left. The person who has to do it has to do it with a backing of the clubs of at least four years ”.

In his last point of the letter to the clubs Thebes argues another reason similar to the previous one: “The League has led the opposition to the reform of European competitions, we have led the defense of audiovisual assets so that they do not lose value. In order to continue in this leadership, it is important that the president who is in office do so with a mandate of not only a few months. ”

In the last elections to the League, Alex Aranzábal, former Real Sociedad player and president of Eibar between 2009 and 2016, made a risk of presenting himself but finally backed down. Clubs can only endorse a candidate. Each candidate needs more than eleven endorsements to present themselves. Thebes has always had strong opposition from Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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