The zulos of the drug of the Line of the Conception

The zulos of the drug of the Line of the Conception

The Line of the Conception is one of the most important points of entry of drug coming from Morocco and the narco-traffickers use all kinds of means for the transfer of the merchandise, its storage and later distribution. In addition to the ultra-fast vessels, the drug mafias need places that do not raise suspicions to keep the drug. Thus arose the hydraulic zulos, hidden rooms by means of mechanical systems that do not raise suspicions and that allow to keep the substances but also the vehicles used for the transport. The Police, aware of the ingenuity of the criminals, investigate for months to discover these zulos and seize the prohibited substances.

The last example occurred several days ago, when a joint operation of the Police and the Civil Guard allowed the recovery of 1,600 kilos of hashish in the fishing port of the Atunara. As a result of the police coordination, two zulos were located that had hydraulic opening systems to hide the drug transported from Morocco.

The intervention was made several days ago when agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard were aware of the presence of a vessel, similar to those used by criminal drug trafficking organizations, inside the fishing port of Atunara. Next to the boat was a large group of individuals who, at that very moment, were transporting the narcotic substance from the aforementioned boat to two off-road vehicles.

Perceived by the police presence, said vehicles They fled the numerous lanes of the Zabal neighborhood, taking different directions. The coordination between the personnel of both police bodies allowed observing how one of the vehicles was introduced in a chalet type house of said area. After securing the environment, the police officers proceeded to enter, finding inside it 2 stolen SUVs, a short firearm and 900 kilos of hashish.

At the same time, An anonymous call was received in the Operative Room of 091 informing of the presence of an off-road vehicle that had collided with a wall in one of the Zabal lanes. Personados of immediate way, police indications located in their interior 700 kilos of hashish.

Once inside the house, the agents They could observe a novel mechanism located inside the garage of the same, which consisted of the placement of a sliding "mobile wall" that allowed to hide both vehicles and narcotic substance, giving an appearance totally different from the reality of it.

Also located a hydraulic box inside the bathroom of the house that had a motor that facilitated the ascension of the shower. The cubicle located under the house, about 30 square meters approximately, was used for the storage of narcotic substance being in this case empty.


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