The Zara brand is worth 15,000 million, as well as the IBEX banks together

The Zara brand has depreciated 3% since 2017, up to 14,999 million euros, but it is still worth as much as that of the six Spanish banks listed on the IBEX together, totaling 15,088 million euros, according to the classification that every two years Interbrand consultancy is prepared.

In the first four positions of the list, the same companies appear as in the 2017 study: Zara is the first, followed by Movistar - whose value is 10,706 million euros, 1% more - Santander, with 7,442 million (33% more ), and BBVA, with 4,895 million (4% more).

According to the study "Best Spanish brands 2019", the companies of the 30 companies that have entered the list have a joint valuation of 55,576 million euros, 3.9% more than in 2017, considerably below 11.7% that had increased in that year over 2015 and that the consultant believes that it cannot be attributed exclusively to the economic slowdown.

Loewe, Iberia and Damm have entered this list of the 30 most valuable brands: the luxury firm does so for the first time, with a value of 409 million and occupying the position number 20, while the airline returns to the list of the one that came out in 2009, with a value of 315 million, and is placed at number 24, and the brewery, which abandoned it in 2011, returns and is located at position 27, with a value of 292 million.

In this edition, the insurance company Sanitas, the beer company San Miguel and the textile Desigual have left the relationship.

They have improved positions companies such as Repsol (rises to fifth place, with a value of 1,644 million, 28% more), which enters the "top five" and replaces in this position Bershka, whose value has fallen 8%, to 1,295 million, which lead him to eighth place.

CaixaBank rises one place, to the sixth, with 1,363 million, (6% more), and Mercadona also earns a place, to the seventh, with 1,319 million (5% more).


The Real Madrid brand is worth 540 million euros (a 2% increase), which puts it in 15th place, and that of the Football Club Barcelona is valued at 499 million (6% more), which lead it to 19th place Both rise two positions compared to 2017.

The financial sector is the most represented in the Interbrand list, because in addition to the six banks listed on the IBEX (Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankia, Sabadell and Bankinter), Mapfre is listed (position 11, the same as the previous year, but with a fall of 9%, up to 928 million) and Mutua Madrile├▒a, which climbs a position, to position 29 (worth 262 million, 9% more). Together they are worth 16,278 million.

The fashion and luxury sector is the most valuable in the "ranking" because the five companies with presence (Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Loewe and Mango) reach 18,226 million.

The greatest value increases were recorded by Santander (33%) and Repsol (28%), followed by Massimo Dutti (18%) and Prosegur and Seat, whose brands are worth 11% more.

The biggest drop in brand value of the companies listed in the classification corresponds to the company DIA, with 287 million and 61% less than two years before (it goes from post 14 to 28), followed by Mango, which is worth 55 % less, up to 235 million (from 18 to 30).


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