The Zangarrón announces its arrival with cowbells amidst the fog in Zamora

The masquerade of the Zangarrón has opened this Thursday in Sanzoles the cycle of winter masquerades of the province of Zamora, and has done it on a foggy day in which, in the absence of visibility, it has been the sound of the cowbells that leads to the waist that has announced its presence.

The character of the Zangarrón, embodied this year by Diego Salvador, has toured the houses of Sanzoles in a ritual recognized as a festival of regional tourist interest with which the Zamoran masquerades that are celebrated at Christmas time have been inaugurated.

The Zangarrón has taken to the streets of this municipality of Tierra del Vino early in the morning to comply with a tradition starring the fifth, in which this character has asked for the bonus to the neighbors.

He has done it with his quirky clothing consisting of a brief and a white and brown plaid jacket, a brightly colored apron, a red bag to store the tips and white and red socks.

Also characteristic is its wig made with colored strips and its black mask with a red nose and white mule bristles as a knob.

With these pints, he has knocked at the doors of the houses in the early hours in search of tips and subsequently starred with the fifth events before and after the Mass of St. Stephen held at noon.

In the immediate vicinity of the parochial temple the races of the Zangarrón behind the neighbors or the sounds of castanets of the fifths who, dressed in Castilian cape, have accompanied the masked have not lacked.

The fifths have also starred in the dance of the Child in a ritual that, like that of other traditional Zamora masquerades, is associated with the passage to adulthood and the struggles between good and evil.

With some common and other specific and unique characteristics, celebrations of masks in other Zamoran locations have also been developed on Thursday.

In Ferreras de Arriba, in the heart of the Sierra de la Culebra game reserve, it has been the Filandorra that has taken to the streets accompanied by the Devil, the Galan and the Madama.

Filandorra and Diablo, called "the ugly" of this masquerade, have asked for the bonus while she has tried to blot the neighbors with a burnt cork and he hit them with a leather band.

On the other hand, in Vigo de Sanabria the visparros or devils and the talanqueiras have been the characters that have starred in a traditional masquerade that in recent years has regained its color.


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