The Zamorano who managed to put Rociíto back on a television set

Adrián Madrid with Óscar Cornejo.

Adrián Madrid with Óscar Cornejo.

In each chapter of the series "Rocio Carrasco: Telling the truth to stay alive ", the name of a Zamorano heads the credits as" ideologue "of the television format that has generated the greatest media coverage in recent times. After years in which the regular on television talk shows was the ex-husband of the woman known as Rociito, the daughter of Rocío Jurado Y Pedro Carrasco has swept the audience and raised a real dust with his confessions in which he accuses of mistreatment to your ex, Antonio David Flores, even despite the fact that Justice has not given him the reason, until now.

The open grave confession, in a careful "naked" set of a different color note than the fuchsia of the protagonist's costume, aroused the solidarity from end to end of Spanish public life. If the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, from We can, ran to defend her on social networks and the hastag came out in Twitter # Rocío, I do believe you, the leader of Vox, Rocío Monastery He also showed his solidarity and even the former Minister of the Interior Jose Luis Corcuera has ruled, where appropriate, against the miniseries as a valid argument in the complaint of the gender violence. Although the issuance of the first chapter raised by 42% the consultations to the phone 016, enabled for victims of sexist violence.

Professional career of Adrián Madrid

"Rocío Carrasco: tell the truth to stay alive" is the latest television milestone of Adrian Madrid. And not the only one, because his professional career is associated with a revolution in the so-called "heart press" that has lasted two decades. The controversial and millionaire audience (and consequently, the business), generated by all the programs that bear his seal, contrasts with the absolute discretion of Adrián Madrid, born in the capital in 1970, the youngest of five brothers from a Zamora family more than known. His father, Demetrio, was the first president of Castilla y León.

Adrián would choose a career, however, away from politics. He studied journalism at the Pontifical University of Salamanca and in his early beginnings he came to work hand in hand with Julia Otero, when the radio program of the Galician journalist on Onda Cero was broadcast at night. It also went through Canal Nou, Telemadrid, Televisión Española and Antena 3.

The definitive take-off took place in 2002, as the creator and co-director of a program that would break all the schemes managed until then in the "pink press": · "Here is tomato". The formula added humor, irony and a bit of bad blood in a cocktail shaker that became a benchmark and immediate success. Four years later he created with his friend and partner Oscar Cornejo, his own production company: La Fábrica de la Tele. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the factory of Telecinco, since they are responsible for the programs with the highest audience and that occupy the most time on the “friend channel” grid, such as the well-known Sálvame, Deluxe or Todo es lie. Between them they have created more than forty formats and Paolo Vasile's chain feeds on the direct from the production company 28 hours a week. To these must be added the usual "feedback" with comments on the echoes of their programs in other Mediaset, starting with the magazine of Ana Rosa Quintana.

Allergic to interviews and public appearances, he preserves his nucleus of friends and his family roots deeply rooted in the land where he was born. When an interview is proposed to him, he deviates to the official notes such as the one issued a couple of weeks ago, with which it was intended to cut the rumor that Rocío Jurado's daughter had charged around two million euros to tell her intimate life before the cameras.

Audience success

After beating, again, the audience record this past Wednesday, Madrid and Telecinco score double success, since the miniseries, released on Sunday, changed the broadcast day and competes with another soap opera, fiction, in this case, the Turkish series “Mujer”, on Antena 3, which held the lead until now. And it promises to have the public nailed again next week: Rocío Carrasco announced in the run-up to the last program that she will make a stop in the broadcast based on her real life, that La Fábrica recorded for 60 hours to finish cutting it into 12 chapters. And that parenthesis will mean sitting live on the Telecinco set to answer the “doubts” and questions that what has been said so far has been able to generate in other media and among viewers. The doubts and questions about how to make a television success could be answered by a Zamorano, if it were not for the reserved character of their land and prefers to stay in the background.


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