The Zamora fire continues to stabilize after devastating 30,000 hectares

The Generalitat considers the great fire in Artesa de Segre as stabilized


The firefighters have managed to stabilize the forest fire in Artesa de Segre, in Lleida, which has devastated 2,700 hectares of mountains and forests in the last six days and was the last of the large ones that remained active in Catalonia. The Catalan Government has also terminated the episode of simultaneous fires declared since last Wednesday. The Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, reported this Monday that in six days fifty fires have been registered throughout Catalonia, which have devoured 4,000 hectares and with a destructive potential of tens of thousands of hectares. The forecasts indicate that the weather conditions will improve in the coming days, with a drop in temperature, more humidity and some rain. The Department of the Interior plans to downgrade the current emergency phase to an alert phase.

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