July 11, 2020

The youtuber Wismichu angers his fans in Sitges with his fake movie

Long lines and great expectation to see «Bocadillo», the supposed movie of youtuber Wismichu premiered at the Sitges Festival. And we say supposed because the film in question was nothing more than a few minutes of recording repeated for almost an hour and a half. What Ismael Prego, the real name of the youtuber, has tried to do with this experiment is to capture the public's reactions and use them to make the real documentary. All this was explained in a note hanging at the entrance of the room in which few viewers have repaired.

"In this space is going to take place the filming and recording of the documentary" The sandwich "in which images of the audience that is in this space will be recorded". With this note the producer Youplanet Pictures also warned the viewers that with their entry they authorized the use of these images.

The reactions on Twitter have not been waiting. "Wismichu bastard, give me back the money," the infinite loop is causing people to lose patience "were some of the reactions of the spectators who felt equally deceived that of bewildered.


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