Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The 'youtuber' Oto Vans, seventh concuser confirmed

El ‘youtuber’ Oto Vans, confirmado para ‘Supervivientes 2019’

New name to add to the list of contestants
confirmed To participate in

. Is about Oto Vans, a youtuber and influencer unknown by the general public in general but with much pull among the younger ones with access to social networks.

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It rose to fame in 2015 after creating a Snapchat account that got hundreds of thousands of followers. Months later and as a result of the fame achieved his own YouTube channel was opened becoming one of the youtubers with greater pull today.

The strategy of this signing

The Mediaset move is well studied as it manages to attract followers who are not usually the target target of Telecinco among the youngest. Y they also get their online channel Mtmad to gain strength as this is where Oto Vans has its own program.

For the memento, The list of confirmed participants is as follows: Isabel Pantoja, Omar Montes, Dakota Tárraga (Older brother), Colate Vallejo-Nágera, Carlos Lozano and Mónica Hoyos. Until the program is released after Easter, names will be announced until they reach, almost with total security, at 16 of past editions.

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