Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

The youth of ERC, Demòcrates and PDeCAT, with opposite views on budgets

Las juventudes de ERC, Demòcrates y PDeCAT, con visiones opuestas sobre los presupuestos

The youths of the independence parties do not escape the debate on what to do with the General Budgets of the State of Pedro Sánchez and have addressed the issue in the conclaves that have held this weekend, evidencing different positions among the youth branches of the main actors.

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While the youth of the PDeCAT, the National Joventut of Catalonia (JNC), avoided rejecting the procedure in a motion of its National Council this weekend, the Esquerra Republicana, Joventuts d'Esquerra Republicana (JERC), advocates not to process them and not approve them. To this the youth of Demòcratas, the sovereign branch of the extinct Unió Democràtica de Catalunya (UDC), have also joined. They have launched a campaign for not everything in Congress and do not facilitate the governance of the Executive. "We will not allow the governance of the executive of Pedro Sanchez, nor that ERC and PDeCAT sell Catalonia at the price of balance", point out the young people of the sovereignty branch of the former UDC, who are betting on implementing the republic.

This Saturday the JNC avoided positioning against allowing the processing. The youth branch of the postconvergents, commanded by Congress deputy Sergi Miquel, held a National Council with guest Xavier Trias in the auditorium of the Campus of the Ciutadella of Pompeu Fabra University. A motion promoted by the youth organization of the neighborhood of Les Corts proposed a no to the processing of the accounts of the Government unless a series of conditions were given, but the proposal was rejected by the councilors, so the youth of the PDeCAT they are placed next to the supporters to gain time and of the previous direction of the party.

The motion that was lying down conditioned the processing of, among other issues, a bilateral State-Generalitat negotiation with international mediation to find a solution to the Catalan conflict through a referendum of independence.

The young Republicans, meanwhile, also held a congress this weekend and have posted a thread on their Twitter account where they reject the budgets but also "the useless" not everything in the Demòcrates Youth Congress.

"The independence movement in Congress, far from being useless, has approved all the measures that improve the living conditions of the people, such as healthcare for everyone and without discrimination. Our project is social and fraternal ", they point out in a tweet. "The independence movement has given abundant signs of generosity and dialogue from the motion of censure. Now the PSOE has to move if it wants to approve budgets. We want freedom and democracy, not pressures or empty promises of millions that never arrive, "says Pau Morales, spokesperson for JERC.

Demòcrates and ERC attended together in the 21-D elections in the Parlament, but there have been different positions on several issues and different strategies on several occasions. The formation led by Antoni Castellà was aimed at the Republican primary and is aligned with the National Assembly of Catalonia and the postulates to implement the republic outside the State, while ERC opts for stability and seek to expand the base in the long term.

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