The Youth Cultural Bonus will be collected at the Post Office, it will not cover shipping costs and it will be "in July or September"

The great measure of the Ministry of Culture so that young people who turn 18 spend it on culture has an immediate future uncertain start: "We work to make it July, but we may find that it is in September and then they will tell me that I am breaking a promise," explained Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture, in an interview on TVE this Friday.

Young people will invest the cultural bond in video games, manga and shows

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Each beneficiary person will be able to allocate up to 200 euros to live arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts; a maximum of 100 euros to cultural goods on physical support; and another 100 euros for digital or online consumption. The total amount granted will be paid in a single payment of 400 euros, in the format of a nominate virtual prepaid card that will be withdrawn at the Post Office, after this entity has won a contest in which other companies also participated.

Go get it at the store

The forecast of the Cultural Bonus is that it allows online purchases, but the products purchased have to be withdrawn "in person" to "prevent large distribution platforms from monopolizing these acquisitions", Iceta explained at the press conference in which he reported on the advances of the Statute of the Artist. "The bookstores have made a very important effort creating the Todostuslibros platform, but the final purchase has to be made on site," Iceta warned.

"Spanish bookstores have made a very important effort with Todostuslibros, which allows access to many titles through the Internet, but the last purchase will take place on site to avoid this monopoly in Bono purchases", he added. Therefore, the cost of shipping book purchases on bookstore websites or at, a space created by the Spanish Confederation of Guilds and Associations of Spanish Bookstores to mitigate the effects of Amazon on the home delivery service, does not It will be included in the 100 euros that the Youth Cultural Bonus allocates to the purchase of books in physical format.

Despite acknowledging that many young Spaniards do not have bookshops in their municipalities, Iceta has stated that the voucher will still facilitate "to the maximum" the "contact of the young person with that product".

Companies that want to join this initiative must register in a registry that the Ministry will enable on the Internet.

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