The youth cultural bonus can be requested in summer

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, announced this Thursday in an appearance at the Senate Culture Commission that the culture investment bonus for young people who turn 18 in 2022, will go through the Council of Ministers at the end of February and will be fully operational in May or June. The so-called Youth Cultural Bonus is endowed with a budget of 210 million euros.

This is how the successful cultural voucher works in France

This is how the successful cultural voucher works in France

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This cultural check will have an amount of 400 euros and can be spent on tickets for shows (bulls are not included) or cultural products, although the detailed list has not yet been released. Each young person will have 365 days from the day of activation to spend the balance of their bonus.

The minister has announced that the Government "has been working for months now" on the operation. Pedro Sanchez announced this bonus on October 6, drawing inspiration from similar initiatives that already exist in Europe. In France it works a very popular Pass Culture Since 2019, 78% of young French people have invested in books, most of them in manga comics.

Iceta already warned of its dual purpose in November: "Facilitate the access of the youngest audiences to culture and revitalize and revitalize the cultural industry after the effects produced in the sector by the pandemic. Promote the loyalty that generates the habit of consuming cultural products in young people so that, as adults, they continue to consume cultural products regularly", he said in his appearance at the Congress of Deputies.

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