The Youth Bonus for Rent in the Canary Islands is underway

The Youth Bonus for Rent in the Canary Islands is underway

Sebastián Franquis, during his parliamentary appearance. / C7

Sebastián Franquis announced that he has an endowment of 21,200,000 euros, will be able to benefit between 3,500 and 4,000 young people from the Canary Islands

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The Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing,
Sebastian Franquisannounced this Friday in a parliamentary appearance of the launch of the
Youth Rental Voucher in the Canary Islands during the month of July. This helpline, which is part of the State Housing Plan, has a budget for the Autonomous Community of
€21,200,000 divided into two annuities and that may benefit between
3,500 and 4,000 young peopleaccording to estimates by the Canarian Housing Institute (ICAVI).

“We are launching an aid that
It's fundamental because it affects a very important sector of the population in our community, such as young people, a sector that has the most difficulties when looking for accommodation, which is
the one that suffers the worst from the consequences of economic crises that we have suffered in recent years, therefore, I am convinced that this Youth Rental Voucher will be a
key element to increase the levels of emancipation that currently exist among young people from the Canary Islands and increase much more than that 14% of the emancipated young population that currently exists", assured the Minister Franquis.

To questions from the deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group,
Jorge gonzalezMinister Franquis explained that this help line is intended for people between
18 and 35 years who are registered in a rental property in the Canary Islands and who have a source of
income equal to or less to three times the Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Effects (IPREM), which represents a total of
€23,725. The counselor has reported that the "main novelty" of this procedure is the formula for submitting the applications that
They will be studied in strict order of presentation and they will be paid to those who meet the requirements and have the complete file, until the available budget is exhausted. For this reason, it is very important that people who request this aid take into account all the documentation that is required from the ICAVI”.

It is intended for people between 18 and 35 years of age who are registered in a rental property in the Canary Islands and who have a source of income equal to or less than three times the IPREM (23,725 euros).

Help can be requested
since it is published in the Official Bulletin of the Canary Islands (BOC)it is expected that during
first half of July, electronically or in person at one of the official records. To speed up the processing of the aid, the Ministry will once again have the staff of the Chambers of Commerce, Franquis pointed out, so that they contribute with the collection of applications, telephone information and subsequent processing.


Counselor Franquis indicated that the objective of the Young Bonus is the
emancipation and access to decent housing for this sector of the population, which is why it is aimed primarily at those young people who are already emancipated, working or in the process of becoming emancipated. In this sense, the counselor provided a series of statistical data such as that of the Emancipation Observatory of the Spanish Youth Council, which states that in the first half of 2021,
only 14.5% of the Canarian population lived independently.

With the aim of promoting emancipation and access to decent housing for this sector, these aids will grant the beneficiaries an aid of
250 euros per monthwith the limit of the monthly amount of rent that
must be equal to or less than 600 euros per month or, in the case of renting a room,
cannot exceed 300 euros per month. The payment of this aid will be made quarterly after justification of the rent payments. The aid will be granted to the beneficiaries for the term of
two years and may be recognized retroactively from January 1, 2022 and for a period of 24 months.

The counselor made a review in the parliamentary commission of the various aid programs for young people that have been promoted in this Legislature, "this new program launched by the Government
joins the existing rental aid for young people and those for the acquisition of young housing that since the Canarian Housing Plan have been operating for two years with an item of three million euros, which was fully executed during 2021 and from which 369 young people have benefited ». On the other hand, the counselor highlighted the
Rehabilitation plan in areas with less than 20,000 inhabitants whose objective is to establish population, "and that we have done in collaboration with the FECAM by which houses can be rehabilitated or bought to put them on affordable rent and that is especially attractive for the young population of the archipelago."

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