July 3, 2020

the youngest to score in the history of the Champions League

He gave the victory to Barça with his goal within two minutes of entering. He does it with 17 years and 40 days. The triumph by 1-2 of the azulgrana eliminates Inter and classifies Borussia

Two minutes needed Ansu Fati to continue making history in football. The youth player replaced his teammate Carles Pérez and the first ball he touched, a shot from outside the tight area, was inside. Goal for him, who becomes the youngest to score a goal in the history of the Champions League. He is 17 years old and 40 days old. Beat the Ghanaian Peter Ofori-Quaye, who with Olympiacos scored somewhat with 17 years and 195 days. It is clear that this boy has magic.

The goal served to give the victory to Barça and to eliminate Inter. The champion of Calcio is out of the Champions League and Borussia achieves the classification.

Without his big star he showed Barcelona that he is in a good moment. He was recognizable in his game within a match matched between a team that was playing life and another with everything done. Valverde made an eleven starter mix between regulars and no. Rakitic played "de Busquets" and again gave reasons for the coach to continue trusting him. Carles Pérez scored 0-1 and tied Lukaku just before the break. The Italians were annulled three goals for offside, but there is no room for controversy, because they are all clear. At the end they pressed those of Conte, to the desperate one, and then Ansu Fati appeared …


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