May 16, 2021

The young victim of abuse asks the prosecutor to study actions against the Biscayan school of Gaztelueta

The young victim of abuse asks the prosecutor to study actions against the Biscayan school of Gaztelueta

The family of the young victim of abuse by a former professor of the Biscayan College of Gaztelueta has asked the Prosecutor's Office of the Basque Country to study actions against this center by the statement in which it endorsed the innocence of the teacher, against a ruling of the Hearing Provincial of Bizkaia.

The parents of the victim have offered a press conference today in Haro (La Rioja), where they now reside, in response to the communiqué and the appearance of those responsible for the Gaztelueta school, of Opus Dei, held on the 29th.

The school leaders insisted on the innocence of this former professor, born in Logroño and sentenced to eleven years in prison, who has been provisionally released until the Supreme Court ruled on the case.

"Judgments in a Rule of Law are issued by judges and, in view of the above, the spokespersons of the Gaztelueta school" neither abide by, nor respect, nor recognize any authority, "explained the father of the victim, Juan Cuatrecasas .

He has accused the center of generating "social alarm", has claimed that Opus Dei, prelature to which the school belongs, explain if it endorses the center's views and has reproached the bishop of Bilbao, Mario Iceta, that, "in the best of the cases, has been absent "in this case.

He stressed that, in addition to his request to the prosecutor, the family reserves the right to take legal action against the school, but do not consider obtaining an economic benefit because "we have never claimed, compensation does not work" and "we would have paid much more because this did not happen. "

Cuatrecasas, who has appeared with his wife, has alluded to "serious offenses" against his son by the school leaders, but has stressed that this is not a case against that Opus Dei ", but" if in next days does not say otherwise, we understand that they support the position of the school ".

He has accused the bishop of Bilbao of "putting sticks on the wheel" of the cause "with cowardice, nocturnality and treachery" and of having "a despicable attitude" to his denunciations.

"Our son, has been demonstrated, neither lies nor has a problem," as suggested by the director of Gaztelueta, Imanol Goyarrola, he assured; and has asked the Basque Government to ask for the cessation of the management of this center, although it has acknowledged that the authorities do not have authority in a center, which is not public.

It hopes that the Supreme Court does not revoke the sentence of the magistrates of the Hearing, that is "hard and forceful", although, "perhaps, lowers the pain", has said Cuatrecasas, for whom "the resource does not affect the proven facts" .

After a decade, his son, who was twelve and thirteen years old when the events took place, now studies at the university, but "continues with the symptoms of a post-traumatic stress shock" and "the trial was a relapse for him", although , "in reality, what is is tired of all this, like me".


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