The Young Orchestra premieres at the Music Festival with Tchaikovsky

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Juan Márquez, stressed that this is the first collaboration between the Young Orchestra of the Canary Islands and the Canary Islands Music Festival. «In recent years, La Jocan has evolved under the guidance of its musical director until reaching levels that allow us to ambition new scenarios. This orchestra helps us to unite our Archipelago with young musicians from all the Islands. It is a project that generates region and country. It is a pedagogical program where the important thing is that boys and girls learn».

The program includes Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 1 and Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto


That is why they are going to have a very tall teaching staff with Canarian musicians who are in one of the most important orchestras in Europe, such as David Ballesteros, a violinist from Tenerife, a musician from the London Symphony Orchestra and other musicians who, like Adán Delgado will also participate in the group as a solo trumpet of the National Orchestra of Spain. «The places where the Young Orchestra is going to perform allow us to decentralize the Festival, either in the Expomeloneras Auditorium or in La Orotava, in Teobaldo Power in Tenerife, which means leaving the usual places and that the music reaches everyone Archipelago".

Pérez stressed that the Jocan is almost five years old and has done more than 60 concerts. “We have performed in 50 different venues on the Islands, which is important in terms of decentralizing the activity and being able to reach all types of audiences. The musicians are very excited about the project and know the importance of the orchestra in terms of their training and future work possibilities. According to the maestro, «Nemanja Radulovic is a successful violinist with whom we landed at the Festival. A young man with a very modern aesthetic, a sensational soloist ”. There are going to be eleven teachers who will prepare the Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky program, which is well suited to the classical orchestral format "that we present in July." In addition, the Jocan will collaborate in Maspalomas with the Trumpet Festival "which will allow us to do Vivaldi and Manfredini on this occasion."

Pérez pointed out that "we have already acted in 50 theaters of the Islands in order to reach all types of audiences"


There is also a collaboration between La Jocan in Tenerife, with another festival of young people who come together this summer to make music «and we will play in Fuerteventura in a large auditorium. The novelty is that we will go to the Puerto de Tazacorte, in the open air, with a very good public address system in a setting that can accommodate from 200 to 4,000 people. The Orchestra will give four concerts under the auspices of the Canary Islands Music Festival ».

Márquez added that he believes in the work of a young orchestra as a quarry space, but also "as a project that transcends the merely musical to encompass the Islands."


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