April 15, 2021

The young man who made his ID with a toothpick in his mouth must make another

The young man who made his ID with a toothpick in his mouth must make another

Young León Sergio Álvarez, whose photo of the National Identity Document (DNI) with a toothpick in his mouth It has gone viral in recent days, you must rectify and make a new identification.

Speaking to Efe, the young man explained that Last Thursday he received a call from the National Police in which it was communicated that it should deliver the DNI of the controversy and become a new one.

"Yes, they told me that he had not committed any illegality or irregularity, and that simply took the measure to avoid setting a precedent, "said the young man, who has admitted that at first thought" to give the battle "to defend their right to carry the stick, but in the end," to avoid trouble ", he has decided to rectify.

In addition, the National Police has warned that the DNI of the controversy will be invalidated, so if a new one is not removed it would be undocumented, which, at least, entails an administrative sanction.

The "joke" had been in his inner circle "like a funny anecdote without more", until last Wednesday echoed the same digital newspaper Leonoticias "and then the thing skyrocketed" and began to call "everyone sides ".

That was also the reason why it will reach the ears of the police who have given the young person "a reasonable period of time" in order to solve the irregularity.

"I have been told that I can not keep the ID of the toothpick once it is canceled, but I will do everything possible to keep it as a testimony of what happened," said the young man.



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