Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

The young artists contest promoted by Philip Morris already has winners – La Provincia

The contest of young artists promoted by Philip Morris Canary It already has winners in the province of Las Palmas, the company said in a statement. This is Melani Garzón, who has received the first prize for his work ‘Future Vibrant’, and in second place has been awarded Antonio José del Pino with ‘Evolution’. The awards ceremony has been held at Los Alisios Shopping Center and has been attended by all the candidates and the general director of PMI for the Canary Islands, Jörg Zangen, who along with members of his team encouraged these young people to continue growing in The world of design.

Both winners have artistic training for the Luján Pérez School of Art and meet the requirements of the contest, among which it appeared to be over 20 years, with training in the field of design and have some professional experience of at least two years in the art world.

In the case of Melani Garzón, as she pointed out, “the idea is inspired by the comparison between the past and the future, using cold colors for the elements that symbolize the past and warmer tones that represent the future, inviting rethink that the future can be vibrant and positive. ” In addition, an element of the device for heating tobacco appears in the center of his work “that allows combustion to be eliminated, as a metaphor that future technology should be less polluting and revolve around preserving nature.”

For its part, the design of the second winner, Antonio José, is based on the philosophy of cyberpunk aesthetics, which according to the artist, “conveys the message that knowledge and technology will make human artificial evolution possible but at the same time it it will mean that humanity itself loses its status. They coexist at the same time with the evolution and destruction of humanity “

The jury, formed by renowned professionals from both the Carnival and artistic fields in general, have valued the works of the candidates in aspects such as the use of color, originality, the development of the creative idea or fidelity to the proposed theme, in This case Carnival.


The objective of this initiative is “to demonstrate that design can help change the world, and that in fact, a good design is capable of transforming customs and habits.” This is the case of smoke-free products developed by Philip Morris, where the company has taken into account what the traditional tobacco smoking ritual was so far, to go one step further and create products that transform that ritual, offering an “alternative reduced risk “by eliminating combustion.

Philip Morris received in 2017 the Good Design Award in recognition of the design and innovation of the IQOS device, in the category of electronic products. An award given by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and that he valued cutting-edge technology and its elegant consumer-oriented design.

During the awards ceremony, an artist specializing in customizing accessories from the well-known Italian firm A.M.A.N.O. He has made a sample of how the painting technique should be applied. This Italian firm is the one that customizes high-end and luxury products such as Gucci bags or Nike sneakers, among other major brands.

The prize for the winners each province is 1,500 euros for the first prize and 500 euros for the second, which can be used to improve their training or to face new artistic projects. In addition, the winners will have the opportunity to customize the accessories of the IQOS device to heat tobacco from Philip Morris, creating an exclusive model.


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