The yield on the Spanish 10-year bond relaxes below 0.6%

The yield on Spanish ten-year debt, the benchmark, relaxed in this Tuesday’s session and is below the 0.6% level at which it closed the day before, to stand at 0.589%.

Meanwhile, the risk premium (difference between the Spanish 10-year bond and the German one for the same term) has started the day at 108 basis points, one less than yesterday.

This is because the yield on German ten-year debt has risen, or is less negative, and stands at -0.469%, compared to -0.502% at the close on Monday.

As for the debt of other European countries, called “peripherals”, in Italy the interest on its ten-year bond fell in the session to 1,444% (1,473% yesterday), with its risk premium at 191 basis points, seven less.

Greece’s risk premium also drops to 203 basis points, nine less than yesterday, with its bond yield at 1.593%.

Finally, in the case of Portugal, the profitability of its ten-year debt reaches 0.675%, and its risk premium, 117 basis points.


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