The 'yes I want' also links to digitization

The 'yes I want' also links to digitization

Bethlehem Rodrigo
Updated: 04/13/2022 15:48h
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If a few years ago the main concerns of the bride and groom when preparing their wedding was choosing the church or place of the link, the restaurant, the trip and the guest list, now the reality is quite different. «The aim is to give a very personal touch to the wedding and more factors come into play, so the number of suppliers has grown a lot. For example, there are those who seek to give a certain color to their wedding, "says Miguel Ángel Jiménez, country manager for Spain of the wedding website Zankyou Weddings.

In this new reality, couples find answers to most of their needs in the digital world. In a survey carried out by this company, 94% of couples claimed to use the internet to organize their wedding, 86% searched for mobile applications and 72% downloaded apps to search for suppliers.

This website, one of the references in the market, emerged a little over twelve years ago to facilitate the organization of links for couples. Its founders, Guillermo Fernández-Riba and Javier Calleja, lived in Geneva and were preparing their respective weddings, with all the problems that this entails. It was then that they thought of creating a tool that would put couples and suppliers in contact and they began to shape the project. They left their jobs as consultants and today there are more than 200 people working for the company, they are present in 23 countries and each year they help more than 500,000 couples to organize their wedding. The portal receives more than 60 million annual visits. In addition, they have just launched a new app that centralizes all the necessary steps to organize a wedding, turning planning into something enjoyable. One of the aspects that differentiates Zankyou is its commitment to the digital content they publish, aspiring to be "the most widely read online bridal magazine in the world." Her articles, on the most diverse topics related to weddings, are her main way of attracting boyfriends.

wedding boom

In Spain, between 170,000 and 180,000 weddings are celebrated each year and by 2022 it is expected to reach 270,000, a number that will continue to grow in 2023. «We are in a kind of 'boom',
all those that were postponed due to the pandemic are celebrated
. Everything is saturated, "says Jiménez. After two hard years, Zankyou faces this exercise with enthusiasm. The break also served to retouch the app, on which they had been working for more than two years. “It helps to be clear about the steps, the necessary tasks, taking into account what is the use of the mobile that is given now, the habits of the new consumer...”, adds Jiménez. France, Spain and Italy are the strongest markets for the company and depending on the country, there are services with greater or lesser demand. In France, for example, "catering is the most important thing, and in Spain the farm and the photographer are the suppliers that are booked first," Jiménez emphasizes. Everything at the click of a button.

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