The Yemeni Army and the Houthi rebels are again accused of breaking the truce

The Yemeni Army and the Houthi rebels are again accused of breaking the truce

The Yemeni army and the Houthi rebels again accused each other today of not respecting the ceasefire and violating the truce that both sides declared last Tuesday in the strategic port city of Al Hudeida.

The September 26 newspaper, half of the Yemeni Armed Forces, accused on its website the Houthis of firing with artillery against a mosque in Duraihimi, south of Al Hudeida, which caused its destruction and damage in neighboring houses.

He added that they also "indiscriminately attacked with artillery the residential districts on the west coast, which caused civilian casualties, including women and children," without giving further details.

The Al Amaliqa Army Brigades and the Army's Maliqa Brigades said the Houthi militias have "intensified their firing since Wednesday morning in the mountainous area of ​​Al Hudeida and continue to violate the humanitarian truce."

For its part, Al Masira television, of the Houthis, said that government troops bombed the Al Rafahia hotel in the east of the city last night.

The ceasefire went into effect on Tuesday, but the two sides exchanged attacks and accusations of rape.

A United Nations team is expected to arrive in Sanaá in the next 48 hours to verify the application of the ceasefire in Al Hudeida.

Representatives of the Government and the Houthis sealed last week an agreement in Sweden with UN mediation by which they committed to implement a ceasefire in Al Hudeida and withdraw the forces of this city within 21 days after the implementation of cessation of hostilities.

The government troops, supported by the Arab coalition, launched an offensive last June to regain control of Al Hudeida, controlled by the rebels since 2014, a campaign they have halted on two occasions to allow peace negotiations.


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