October 23, 2020

The Xunta intervenes in a residence in Pereiro de Aguiar after confirming 137 infections between users and workers

The Xunta has decided to intervene in the Os Gozos residence for the elderly located in the Ourense municipality of Pereiro de Aguiar after detecting 137 COVID-19 infections, of which 112 correspond to users and 25 to workers. This was announced this Friday by the Regional Minister for Social Policy, Fabiola García, within the framework of the press conference to present the influenza vaccination campaign in the Galician residence in Santiago, in which she was accompanied by the head of Sanidade, Julio García Comesaña.

The Councilor for Social Policy has highlighted that this residence is being intervened to “continue to ensure the quality and health” of the residents. Meanwhile, Comesaña has stressed that after this decision they are going to “analyze and see what went wrong.” To questions from the media about the situation in Galician residences, the head of Social Policy has pointed out that in the Ourense area there are two residences with a “high rate of contagion”, in relation to that of Pereiro de Aguiar intervened and that of Monterrei . “We continue to test workers and residents every 14 days,” Fabiola García pointed out in relation to these centers, in order to “prevent the entry of the coronavirus into residences.”

What went wrong

The councilor of Health has influenced the realization of screenings “every 14 days” in residences in order to detect those who are infected with COVID-19 because “the risk of transmission is important.” With all this, García Comesaña has assured that he will “analyze and see what went wrong” to register an outbreak with more than 100 infections in Os Gozos.


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