November 25, 2020

The Xunta extends the perimeter confinement of the seven main Galician cities

More than four hours of meeting have served so that the clinical committee that advises the Xunta de Galicia proposes not to make any changes to the measures that limit the mobility of 45% of the Galician population; 1.2 million people. The Xunta maintains the perimeter closure on the seven main Galician cities after a week that has marked maximum values ​​in the number of infections and the second highest number of deaths in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic.

The last turn of Feijóo brings his speech on the pandemic to the theses of Ayuso and Vox

The last turn of Feijóo brings his speech on the pandemic to the theses of Ayuso and Vox

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The decision to leave everything the same comes days after the Feijóo government has slipped ideas that made us think that the path taken would be to open towns. The Minister of Health advanced last Sunday in an interview in La Voz de Galicia your intention to lift the curfew at the first opportunity offered by the central government, scheduled for November 9. Meanwhile, the technicians who now maintain the restrictions were betting that in the event of a confinement this should be looser than last spring. Next Friday, the same committee that has now decided not to move will review its recommendation.

In addition to the seven main Galician cities, the Government of the Xunta will keep the following towns closed: Boborás, Barbadás, O Carballiño, Verín, O Irixo, Vilardevós and Oímbra in the province of Ourense; Ames, Teo, Narón, Fene, Neda, Vimianzo and Arteixo in A Coruña; Poio and Marín in the province of Pontevedra. The closures are perimeter by groups of municipalities, so circulation within neighboring municipalities that are confined will be allowed. Thus, for example, mobility remains within the limits set by the municipalities of Santiago, Ames and Teo and it will be possible to enter and exit without restrictions from one to the other.

In all these localities the prohibition of meetings between people who do not live under the same roof is maintained and bars and cafes are prohibited from serving inside the premises. Only restaurants may continue to do so, as long as they limit their interior capacity to 50%.

The decision is taken without prejudice to adding new closings in the coming days and with it, the temptation that was beginning to take hold in the Feijóo government to bet on weekend closings and open during working days is defeated.


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