The Xunta de Galicia vaccinated the CEO of DomusVi residences

Josefina Fernández, CEO for Spain of Domusvi no longer has to worry about contracting the coronavirus, the cause of the death of more than 2,600 of the users of their residences in Spain alone, according to company data that ElDiario has been able to access .it is. The Xunta de Galicia vaccinated Fernández on January 8 in one of the centers that the company owns in Vigo. Just over 20 days later, he received the second dose, thereby achieving complete immunization.

DomusVI designed a reward system for employees to attract new clients in their nursing homes where more than 2,000 elderly people died

DomusVI designed a reward system for employees to attract new clients in their nursing homes where more than 2,000 elderly people died

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Josefina Fernández did not go alone to get vaccinated. She did so accompanied by her brother, Pedro Fernández, who is part of the company's executive leadership, with responsibilities for managing the area in the residences that the group has in the province of Pontevedra. According to the administration directed by Feijóo, neither of them appeared in the first lists that DomusVi sent to the Galician administration demanding vaccines.

DomusVi has confirmed to that the vaccination took place on January 8 and the second dose was given at the end of that same month. According to company sources, "Fernández continuously visits the company's centers, being in constant contact with residents." The same sources affirm that "their desire is to be able to continue exercising this work on the ground" and therefore "they proceeded to get vaccinated following the recommendation of DomusVi doctors, with the main objective of preserving the health of the staff and residents. ".

As for the brother of the top leader of DomusVI, the company assures: "His office is located in the residence of DomusVi Vigo Salesas, which brings him in constant contact with both the staff and the residents of the center" .

The vaccination process of residences in Galicia is governed by a list of names drawn up by the Xunta de Galicia, after receiving the proposal sent by healthcare centers. One of them also slipped the popular mayor of Boimorto, María Xesús Novo, who continues in office.

Asked about this wording, the Department of Health of the Xunta explains the vaccination of this directive and his brother with the following arguments: "The DomusVi Vigo residence included its CEO on the list of its workers to receive the vaccine, who did not appear initially in the relationship of personnel managed by the Xunta. The same happens with his brother, who is director of the South Galicia area of ​​DomusVi. We understand that DomusVi interprets that both are part of the team of this residence and that they should be vaccinated. Of all modes hope that the residence of the relevant explanations. "

DomusVi and the PP

When it comes to shuffling the general figures of DomusVi everything is high: They have 202 centers and residences in Spain, have 22,527 workers and serve 36,577 people in residences and day centers. The relationship of this company with the public powers is very close and this is indicated by its balance sheets; In 2019, more than half of its places (51.59%) depended on a concert with administrations, so most of its income comes directly from the public treasury.

The profile of Josefina Fernández also responds to this general portrait of closeness to power. She is a businesswoman closely linked to the Popular Party of Galicia led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo. He has received awards on several occasions from the main leaders of the Galician Government. The current vice president of the Xunta, Francisco Conde, presented him with the "Galicia Global" in 2019, an award promoted by the Spanish Association of Directors whose delivery was held at the Cidade da Cultura in an act that ended with a midday cocktail and in the one that the Xunta appeared on the posters as a partner of the event. Three years earlier, in 2016, it had been Feijóo himself who surrounded Josefina Fernández's neck to impose on her the Gold Medal from the Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia. From that act with the leader of the Galician PP, many of the photographs came out that now illustrate information about the role of Fernández in his business performance and his relations with political power.

The relationship with the Popular Party of Galicia became evident last November when Josefina Fernández was forced to appear in a commission of the Parliament of Galicia studying reconstruction for the Post-COVID era. The opposition was waiting for the CEO of the main group of residences in Spain but the PP had prepared the defense. During the debate, the spokespersons for the Galician Nationalist Bloc and the Socialist Party protested because the private geriatrician was not answering their questions. Faced with the protest, the president of the Parliamentary Commission, Diego Calvo (PP), replied, apologizing to the businesswoman: "I apologize on behalf of the Parliament of Galicia." The president of that commission would clarify minutes later that if a deputy did not feel represented by this generalized request for apology to the head of DomusVi, they could not endorse those words.


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