The Xunta closes all the municipalities of Galicia on the perimeter due to the uncontrolled advance of infections

The Xunta de Galicia has decided to react forcefully and close its more than 300 municipalities around the perimeter, placing the entire population at the maximum alert levels in the face of the uncontrolled advance of the pandemic after the relaxation of the Christmas holidays. This has been decided by the technical committee that advises the Government of Alberto Núñez Feijóo during a meeting that has lasted well into the night of this Tuesday.

Feijóo blames the public for the rebound of the coronavirus in Galicia after Christmas

Feijóo blames the public for the rebound of the coronavirus in Galicia after Christmas

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The decision adopted implies that all localities with more than 10,000 inhabitants suddenly go to the extreme level of restrictions and those with less to the medium-high level, regardless of their previous qualification. Either of the two highest levels means, for the Xunta's criteria, the perimeter closure of a town, with some exceptions in town halls in which traffic is allowed in the almond of its metropolitan area. It remains to be clarified if these exceptions are maintained or if, on the contrary, Feijóo's decision is to lock up all Galicians in his municipality to avoid new infections. The decision directly affects the hospitality industry of the entire community that will have to close its doors at six in the afternoon and sees its activity practically limited to services on terraces for tables in which there may not be more than four people at the same time weather.

The decision comes after the escalation of new infections as a result of the Christmas relaxation and assumes that no Galician town will be in the phases classified by the Xunta itself as "medium low risk" or "low risk". The details about the maximum alert imposed by the Galician executive will be explained in a press conference called for the morning of this Wednesday and in which Feijóo himself will specify the effects of the generalized closure for the hotel industry and commerce, as well as the exceptions that They allow any citizen to continue to circulate freely throughout the territory of the community when it comes to attending to labor, medical or care issues.

The data from the last week have placed Galicia in contagion levels above 600 a day, marking its historical maximum with 914 infected in a single day last Saturday. The first reaction of the Galician Government to the post-Christmas statistics was to blame the citizens and talk about the breaches in parties and bottles as responsible for the new outbreaks. Last Sunday, during an interview on Cadena Ser, Feijóo acknowledged that the Christmas relaxation was a mistake. It seemed that he was singing the mea culpa. The next day, the Galician baron of the PP appeared again and did so to clarify that the error was not his and to say that Madrid had forced him to allow dinners of ten members, hiding that it was in his hand to be more strict and avoid decisions such as the one that led him to lift the perimeter closures for the holidays, which, until today, were only in force in 60 municipalities.

The decision adopted on Wednesday night represents a new blow to bars and restaurants whose managers will have to decide whether to draw the blind or try to keep the business working mainly on the terraces and with a schedule that ends in the early afternoon. Also on the table is the possibility of limiting commercial activity. During an interview with, the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, assured that he did not recommend going to the sales and that he wanted to study the reduction of capacity in large shopping centers. During that conversation, Comesaña stated: "We assume our responsibility and have not been stricter in the Christmas measures". Only two days after the publication of those words, the Xunta puts on the suit of restriction and raises urbi et orbi the restrictions and the alarm, turning their own risk cataloging to dry paper, from which the two levels of least concern disappear.

The decision is adopted in a climate of conflict with the hospitality sector, fed up with changing and unpredictable political decisions and that many times have forced them to hastily visit their advisers to prepare dismissals, erts or new contracts, depending on the decision of the day that every week I was adopting Feijóo's team. This Monday the anger became visible in front of the doors of the official residence of the president of the Xunta with a sauce that, for the moment, has obtained a result: the Galician president has commissioned three of his councilors to meet with the sector to calm things down.


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