June 14, 2021

The Xunta calls "disappointing" the meeting with Government, Alcoa and unions

The Xunta calls "disappointing" the meeting with Government, Alcoa and unions

The Regional Minister for Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, described today as "disappointing" the Alcoa meeting held in Madrid between the Government, the company, the workers, representatives of Galicia and Asturias, and regretted that the Executive " I have not put proposals on the table. "

"The time is about to run out and we have no concrete solution from the Government, which only attended the meeting (on Tuesday) to extend the negotiation period of the Employment Regulation File (ERE)," he said. Count in statements to Radio Galega.

The Regional Minister pointed out that the Xunta "has to insist that the Government propose concrete solutions and, at the same time, Alcoa open an additional deadline to open that second opportunity."

"Alcoa remains concerned about a solution from the point of view of the price of electricity, but yesterday the duties were not done to carry out a proposal of a competitive price, the Executive has not submitted a single draft of what the statute will be like of the electrointensive consumer, "Conde reported.

The Regional Minister pointed out that, until the proposal is presented, it is "very difficult to find a solution for Alcoa to find an industrial solution" or, as the workers demand, extend the negotiation period of the ERE against the plants in six months. of A Coruña and Avilés, that concludes the next 15 of January.

"We went to Madrid with concrete proposals: that the statute of the electrointensive consumer has retroactive character and proposals to obtain a competitive price through the reduction of the costs that are imputed to the companies or through the compensation mechanisms for dioxide emissions of carbon ", has pointed.

Conde recalled that, although the solution of Alcoa is "the most urgent", in Galicia "there are 5,000 jobs that depend on the electrointensive companies", so it is necessary "to give viability to these industries" to avoid "that situation can be extended to other companies, as is happening with Ferroatlántica ".


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