Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The XIV edition of the Festimatge begins in Calella

La XIV edición del Festimatge empieza en Calella

Festival of the Image of Calella has already kicked off. He did it on Saturday with the opening ceremony and the presentation of the main exhibition "Trópico de Cáncer" by Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos, which can be visited in the Exhibition Hall of Ajuntament Vell until April 28

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The opening ceremony of the photography exhibitions of the FESTIMATGE that are exhibited in the Llobet Factory is, perhaps, one of the events that gathers more photographers inaugurating their exhibitions at the same time. La Fábrica hosts 22 exhibitions by different authors and different themes, and fifteen of these authors attended the opening ceremony to present their exhibitions. The peculiarity of this event is that, apart from the photographers who exhibit, every year, numerous photographers come together to get to know the selected exhibitions in each new edition and share their passion for the fixed image. On this occasion, 285 people, including photography enthusiasts, relatives and friends of the exhibitors, gathered at the Llobet Factory on Sunday to celebrate the inauguration.

It should be noted that the showroom of the Llobet Factory opens a new lighting system, consisting of 300 bulbs, distributed in 6 structures for each panel that is in the space, with which you want to increase the quality of the exhibitions to be able to Enjoy even more of the photographic art that is exposed.

A month of photography and film activities begins, activities that can be consulted in this program. Those linked to the short films start on Thursday with the screening of short films selected in the 25th Trofeu Torretes de Cortometrajes, which takes place in the La Tetera café in Calella (Maresme).

The Festival of the Image of Calella is the only festival in the world that brings together cinema and photography in the same festival, and with such a long duration, almost a whole month of activities related to the image, whether it is fixed in movement, modern and old, in color or black and white. Calella becomes the city of the image during the month of April.

It gathers three contests that, originally, were celebrated separately: The International Meeting of 9.5 mm, of the few that remain in the world, which this year celebrates its 46th edition; the Torretas de Fotografía Trophy, which is 43 years old and is recognized by the International Photography Federation, which shows its prestige; and, the youngest of all, the Turret Trophy of Short Films, which turns 25 years old. And, to celebrate it, the mythical Night Golfa of the FESTIMATGE is recovered in which you can enjoy some of the most emblematic short films that have passed through the festival.

Fourteen years ago, the members of Foto-Film Calella, organizing entity of the FESTIMATGE, decided to put together the three competitions to make a great festival of the image. An ambitious project, made with the warmth of a group of lovers of photography and film, such as the fans of Foto-Film Calella

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