The writer Luis Garca presents the book 'The game of life is easy' - The Province

The writer Luis García, hacker of consciences and founder of the vegan cooking school Luis Garcia Vegan Food Academy, presents his new book The game of life is easy, this Thursday, March 12, at 6:00 p.m., in the Synopsis Library, located on calle Domingo J. Navarro, number 8.

Luis García defines himself as "a hacker of consciences "willing to dedicate his life and his personal project so that the human being transcends, lives a full life, connects with other human beings and begins to make peace with the planet he inhabits. His new book The game of life is easy offers a manual of personal growth in which he explains that, to play successfully in life, one must know the rules well and seek fulfillment, happiness, more enriching affective relationships and success or abundance, as a natural state for which each person has been designed.

Minimalist, nomadic, conscious entrepreneur, vegan and reality watcher, Luis García's motto is The game of life is easy And, in this book and its lectures, it reveals the keys to make it so; some simple rules that will allow you to enjoy the life you desire and have always deserved.

In addition, the author is the founder of Luis Garcia Vegan Food Academy, a training school and expert courses on ethical and healthy eating, where every year hundreds of people around the world train in vegetable cuisine for both personal and professional use.


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