The writer Jesús Marchamalo speaks, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, about his obsession with books – La Provincia

The writer Jesús Marchamalo speaks, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, about his obsession with books - La Provincia

The Insular Library of Cabildo of Gran Canaria On April 11, at 7:30 a.m. writer and journalist from Madrid Jesús Marchamalo, author of more than a dozen books, among which it is worth mentioning The word store, Cortázar and the books or Fórcala.

The writer will talk about his obsession with books and libraries. After sifting through the libraries of dozens of writers, Marchamalo is clear that the library of a writer or of anyone "is a portrait, a project, an aspiration, because the books it contains are very indiscreet." Readers always have some common mania , a shared scenario, and there are a number of features of familiarity that you find in all libraries, "he says.

Marchamalo (Madrid, 1960) has extensive experience in media, both written and audiovisual. For more than twenty years he has been linked to Radio Nacional and Televisión Española, where he has worked mainly in the field of script, the program management and the content creations.

He is the author of more than a dozen books, including: The word store (Siruela, 1999), 39 writers and a half (Siruela 2006), The lost libraries (Renaissance, 2008), Touch the books (CSIC, 2008 and Fórcola, 2010), 44 writers of universal literature (Siruela, 2009) and Cortázar and the books (Fórcola, 2011), dedicated to the personal library of the author of Rayuela. He collaborates assiduously in diverse cultural publications, in which he signs reports, interviews and reviews related to the world of publishing, libraries, literature and literary creation.

He has curated several exhibitions, among others Cortázar and the books, inaugurated in the Círculo de Lectores room in Madrid in October 2005, and which can now be visited on the Cervantes Institute website. He was also responsible for the exhibition Dialogues with Esteban Lisa, in 2008, for the Antonio Pérez Foundation, in San Clemente, Cuenca; This is not a book, in 2009, for the Higher Council for Scientific Research, in Madrid; José-Miguel Ullán, seen and not seen, in March 2010, for the Círculo de Lectores Cultural Center, in Barcelona, ​​and the exhibition Portrait and literature in the National Library. In 2017 he inaugurated, also in the National Library Pass Page, an invitation to read.

Currently collaborates in the program The blue station and in The critical eye, both on National Radio of Spain.

His work has won important awards, including the International Radio Award, Montecarlo, 1991; International Radio Prize URTI, Paris 1990; ICARO Journalism Prize, 1989; and the National Prize of Journalism Miguel Delibes, 1999.


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