January 18, 2021

The worthy gesture of 5,000 people to save a child with cancer – La Provincia

The worthy gesture of 5,000 people to save a child with cancer - La Provincia

Oscar was diagnosed in December 2018 with a acute lymphoblastic lymphoma of T cells, a very aggressive type of cancer, which requires immediate treatment. Oscar's parents, Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee, gathered all their strength to launch an appeal on social networks with the aim of getting people to register as stem cell donors. The callHand in hand for Oscar'broke records.

The call 'Hand in hand for Oscar' broke records.

A total of 4,855 people defied weather conditions and lined up outside the doors of Pitmaston Elementary School, near Worcester, UK, during this weekend to check if they were compatible with the stem cells of the five-year-old child who urgently needs a donor.

DKMS, a charity that handles tests and donor forms, has confirmed that this is the largest number of potential donors that have registered, explaining that the previous record in an event of these characteristics was 2,200 people.

Oscar's is a race against time. The child needs a transplant within three months of his chemotherapy treatment or his chances of survival "will decrease dramatically," as his family explained.

The "blatant smile", the "courage" and the "determination"Oscar is what, in Olivia's words, gives them strength to move forward." The mother says that fear and confusion has made them stronger than ever as a family.

From the diagnosisOscar has gone through four sessions of chemotherapy and 20 blood transfusions at the Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

"Oscar is a fun, affectionate, energetic child of five years, who deserves to live fully with other soldiers who fight against such horrible diseases."

"Not only do you need to enjoy the normal life that a child should live, now you need someone else to save you."


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