August 5, 2020

The worst January in six years leaves 90,248 more unemployed and 244,044 fewer members – La Provincia

The number ofregistered unemployedin the offices of public employment services (former Inem) rose in90,248 unemployed in January(+ 2.8%),its biggest rebound in this month since 2014, when it increased by just over 113,000 people, according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy published on Monday.

The total volume of unemployed reached the end of January the figure of3,253,853 unemployed, the lowest in this month since 2008.

In addition, Social Security closed the month of January withan average decrease of 244,044 affiliates(-1.2%),its biggest fall in this month since 2013, when it lost just over 263,000 contributors, according to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration published on Tuesday.

In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment rose in January by 13,480 people, while in the last year unemployment accumulates a decrease of 31,908 people (-0.97%).

The monthly rise in unemployment in January exceeds almost 7,000 people to that experienced in January 2019 (+83,464 unemployed) and is the most pronounced in this month since 2014. However, Labor has stressed that the increase this year is It is below the average of the last ten years. In addition, he recalled that, analyzing the historical series of the last 25 years,the rise in unemployment in January is “usual”.

In fact, none of the series’ Janros has lowered unemployment. This has to do with the completion of the contracts that are made for the Christmas campaign, which can be seen especially in the services sector, which in the first month of this year has added 90,957 unemployed (+ 4.1%).

It is not the only sector where unemployment increased in January. It also rose in agriculture, with 9,085 more unemployed (+ 6.4%), and in industry, with 2,719 more unemployed (+ 0.99%). On the other hand, it fell in construction (-9,368 unemployed, -3.4%) and in the group without previous employment, where it was reduced by 3,145 people (-1.2%).

Unemployment rose in January in both sexes, although more among women, with 61,644 more unemployed (+ 3.3%), compared to a rise in male unemployment of 28,584 men (+ 2.1%). Thus, at the end of the first month of the year, the number of unemployed women stood at 1,896,873 and that of men, at 1,356,980.

By age, unemployment among young people under 25 years rose 3% in January, with 7,534 unemployed more than in December, while unemployment of people 25 years and older increased by 82,714 unemployed (+ 2.8%).

Unemployment fell in January only in the Balearic Islands (-266 unemployed) and rose in the remaining 16 regions, especially in Andalusia (+28,156 unemployed) and Madrid (+11,417). By provinces, it was only reduced by four, headed by Huelva (-1,089 unemployed) and Melilla (-295). On the contrary, it rose by 48, led by Madrid (+11,417 unemployed) and Málaga (+6,120).

Registered unemployment among foreigners rose in January by 10,347 unemployed (+ 2.6%) compared to the previous month, to reach the total number of unemployed immigrants at 408,641, with a rise of 6,853 unemployed in the last year (+1.7 %).

Low hiring

As for hiring,in January 1,764,837 contracts were made, 5% less than in the same month of 2019, of which178,978 were indefinite contracts, 10.1% of the total, with a decrease of 1.3% compared to January last year.

Of the total indefinite contracts made in January, full-time contracts totaled 114,382, 1.1% less than in the same month of 2019, while permanent part-time contracts totaled 64,596, with an annual retreat of 1.6 %.

Of the rest of the contracts, 8,496 were training contracts and 1.57 million other temporary contracts, of which 28.2% were possible due to circumstances of full-time production and 27.8% were work or service, also full time. On the other hand, temporary contracts with part-time work accounted for 28.39%.

Social Security Affiliation

As for the number of employed,Despite the fall of 244,044 affiliates, the total stood at the end of January at 19,164,494 affiliates, its largest affiliate volume in a month of January.

The Ministry that directsJosé Luis EscriváHe explained that, as usual, the January data reflect the impact of the end of the Christmas campaign, with a more intense decline in trade and hospitality, sectors that lost 43,057 and 42,987 contributors at the start of the year.

In addition, the decline in affiliates in January is also explained, according to the Ministry, by the impact ofstorms in seasonal agricultural campaigns, which has caused a setback of 15,317 contributors in the Special Agricultural System.

Without the seasonal component, Social Security membership rose in January by 5,324 people.

In the last year, the system has earned 345,194 contributors (+ 1.8%), of which 329,066 enrolled in the General Scheme (+ 2.1%).


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