March 2, 2021

The worst Guardiola numbers in his career

Guardiola has only Madrid left. Like Humphrey Bogart when he told Ingrid Bergman that “We will always have Paris”, the City coach only has the knockout round in the Champions League against Zidane to fix the worst league starter of his career.

After the painful defeat against Wolverhampton, with the Wolves’ comeback included in the discount, the City of Guardiola has only one card left. Fourteen points from Liverpool, which can be seventeen because the “reds” have yet to dispute the duel postponed by the Club World Cup, Manchester will play all season against the Real Madrid. The King of the European Cup awaits in the round of 16 and Guardiola has no margin for error.

Questioned, criticized, frustrated and exhausted. Thus is a coach who not long ago fell in love with the football world with a legendary club and now seems to have lost even his dogma. Before the Wolves, the City presented a 37.8 percent possession, the lowest since Pep is sitting on a bench. It is hard to imagine, but the statistics do not deceive. «Klopp could take the Rotherham and promote him to the Premier over time, Guardiola, however, can not do that», said former Arsenal player, Paul Menton

Champion in Spain, Germany and Italy, the fourth season of Guardiola in Manchester is being a nightmare. Third parties behind Liverpool and Leicester, the “citizens” have closed the first round to fourteen points of the “reds” and have conceded the same goals (23) as last season. “We have to be realistic and fight with Leicester for second place,” said the Spanish coach after the loss to Wolverhampton. Since sitting on the Barça bench in the 2008/2009 season, Guardiola had never lost Five games in the first nine days. Nor did he add less than 38 points not even as far away from the leader as today. To go back to your worst records you have to look at the campaign 2016/2017, when he landed in Manchester from Bayern Munich. There at this stage of the championship his team was fifth, out of the Champions League, but had a point over 38 now. That season the City finished third behind Chelsea and Tottenham. So far that is the worst data of Guardiola’s personal career and the worst course of his stage at the benches.

Defeated by Norwich, by Wolverhampton, both in the first round and in the second round, by Liverpool and by Manchester United, Guardiola needs to lift the spirits of a team that has gone from reigning in the Premier to transmit the image from a desperate group.

With the League discarded, Guardiola alone is worth the Champions League to try to save a season that could be too long on the banks of the Manchester channel. For this they must defeat Real Madrid, which is going through its best moment of the season. Those of Zidane have returned and in their fetish competition they want to urge more in the wound of the City.

With or without the ball, Guardiola is played against him who not long ago was his eternal rival. The “citizens” must remedy the bleeding of goals that fit if they want to stay alive in the Champion and fix the worst league start in the Guardiola curriculum.


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