The worst Germany in history | sports

The worst Germany in history | sports

Antoine Griezmann, French striker with a surname of German origin, condemned with his two goals to a new defeat of Germany in the League of Nations of the UEFA. The Atletico player, at the same time, unleashed the biggest crisis in history in the Mannschaf. This will be a difficult year to forget for the Teutons, since ever since its founding as a federation in 1908 they had accumulated six defeats in the same year. In this 2018 World Cup in Russia, Germany has fallen against Brazil (0-1), Austria (2-1), Mexico (0-1), South Korea (2-0), Holland (3-0) and France (2-1). Four official matches (the last four) and two friendlies, which will cause the German team to occupy the 14th place on the FIFA list, according to the statistician. Mr. Chip.

It would be necessary to go back to 1985 to find a year with at least five defeats of the German national team. After falling in the first phase of the Euro Cup France 84 with a goal by Maceda in the last minute that qualified Spain for the semifinals, Germany entered in 1985 in a new stage with the legendary Franz Beckenbauer on the bench. However, four of the five defeats that occurred in that 1985 were in friendly matches (Hungary, England, Mexico and the USSR), which minimized its importance. Only the fall against Portugal (0-1) put in certain danger the pass to the final phase of the World Cup in Mexico 86, resolved after a draw with Czechoslovakia on November 17, 1985. Then, in the final phase, Germany, almost always reliable, it would reach the final.

In this 2018, Germany reached the final phase of the World Cup in Russia as world champion, falling in the first phase after a great run since it was in third place in the World Cup in Germany 2006. Since that appointment and with Joachim Löw in the bench, the German team was runner-up in the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland; third in the World Cup in South Africa 2010; semifinalist at the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine 2012; World champion at the 2014 Brazil World Cup; semifinalist in the European Championship of France 2016 and champion of the Confederations Cup of Russia in 2017.

Löw He equaled the past nine September, against Peru, the 167 games that the selector Sepp Herberger, world champion in 1954, led to Germany. It has already 169, with a total balance of 109 wins, 31 draws and 29 losses. Against France, the coach with the most games in the history of Germany, revolutionized his eleven with the entry of players like Ginter, Schulz, Kehrer, Sané or Gnabry; He used a three center defense and saw a team much more vertical than usual. "It was a match on which we can begin to build the future," said Löw at the conclusion of the sixth defeat of this horrible year. On November 19, Germany hosts the Netherlands and they need to win and the Netherlands lose their two matches to not lose their league in the League of Nations. If France and the Netherlands tie on November 16, Germany would be forced to beat the Netherlands at least 4-0 after the serious correction that the Dutch (3-0) gave the Teutons on October 13. Löw renewed until 2022 before the celebration of the World Cup in Russia last summer.

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