October 21, 2020

The world press begins to see Spain as a “failed state”

Correspondent in Berlin



European markets are beginning to see Spain as a “failed state” and doubt the country’s ability to manage the European funds it receives from the union to deal with economic consequences derived from the pandemic. “The question is whether the country is sufficiently prepared for the considerable inflow of European funds,” asks Friedrich Leopold Sell, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Halle Institute for Economic Research and professor of economics in Munich, before concluding that ” this must be questioned. ‘

In an article recently published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a leading newspaper in the Swiss financial sector, Sell questions the effectiveness of European financial aid to Spain, given that «polithically, the situation is too unstable». “It may be necessary for the World Bank or IMF to initially identify significant projects that deserve funding,” he advises, noting that, “while the attention of the EU Commission, as well as the German government and the general public, is focused on completely in Poland and Hungary when it comes to the rule of law and democracy, there are tremendous events in the fifth largest European economy, Spain ”, for which he calls for international attention.

Sell ​​alleges, to justify the assessment as a “failed state”, the constitutional crisis, which includes Catalan separatism, pressure on the Monarchy and the dependence on the Prime Minister of the “blackmail” of radical left parties. Also note the inability to get a regular budget, the confrontation between administrations, the crisis of the judges and the out-of-control pandemic. Remember that “we speak of a failed state when none of the three powers of a democratic constitutional state continues to fulfill what the Constitution and the people expect of them: democratically legitimized and with understandable functionality.” «Spain is plagued by Covid“, He notes, before concluding however that”a fast and massive arrival of funds from Brussels will not be responsible».

Other financial diaries, such as Financial times, have also echoed that “The Spanish response to Covid has plunged the country into chaos,” the title of an article signed by Andrew Jack, in which he warns about a “governance crisis that has accompanied the pandemic in Spain»And doubts about future improvement due to« lack of political consensus on how to handle it ». “While Spain, France and the UK are experiencing a second spike in infections after loosening lockdown restrictions, Italy has kept the disease under control,” he compares, “officials carry out effective case-tracking surveillance to track and have high public acceptance of restrictions, backed by clear guidance and strict enforcement. ‘

From the German salmon daily Hadelsblatt, the correspondent in Madrid Sandra Louven also associates the political and institutional situation with the failure in the management of the pandemic, diagnosing for her part that “political trenches prevent crisis management” in Spain, which in his opinion “is taking a dramatic train.” «The political elite in Spain is not in a position to implement a rational policy that deserves that name», He says, together with a caption that recalls that the Spanish president wants to spend 72,000 million from the European Reconstruction Fund in the next three years and going on to detail the institutional, economic and health crisis. “The crisis in the fourth largest economy in the euro zone is assuming such dimensions that the country can hardly help itself,” he reports.

The weekly The Economist, with great influence among international investors, has published the report entitled «Spain’s poisonous policy affects the pandemic and the economy“, Which starts from the situation of the” Infanta Leonor hospital in Madrid, in which 402 of its 480 doctors have signed a letter warning of the pre-collapse state of the health center “and that extrapolates this pre-collapse state to the entire country. “This is just part of a much broader national failure,” states the information, which collects with some amazement how “on July 5, the president of Spain Pedro Sánchez proclaimed that” we have defeated the virus and controlled the pandemic. This statement in quotation marks is illustrated with an infographic support which shows the black dots of omnipresent infections that plague the map of Spain ».

The American agency Associated Press also points to Spain in its analysis of the “inability of Europe” to face the second wave, due, it says, to the “generalized fatigue of the institutions.” «Some countries still lack the capacity of tests, tracing and treatment to cope with a second wave of pandemic when the first wave never really ended, “Martin McKee, professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, tells AP. “They should have been taking advantage of the time to implement really strong ‘search, test, trace and isolate’ support systems. Not everyone did, “says McKee,” if they had, then they could have identified the outbreaks as they were emerging and searched for the sources. “

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