March 5, 2021

The world on the brink of 10 million coronavirus cases, according to WHO

The infections by coronavirus in the world are on the verge of ten million, according to the latest the official count of the World Health Organization (WHO), after having registered 189,077 daily cases, a new record since the pandemic broke out.

The most marked ascending curves these days are those corresponding to the United States, India and Brazil.

The WHO database has received confirmation of 495,760 deaths directly caused by covid-19, which means 4,612 more cases than the day before.

Latin America represents half of the infectious burden in this pandemic, with almost 5 million confirmed cases.

Europe accumulates 2.7 million and in this day the Eastern Mediterranean region has overcome the barrier of one million.

The WHO has reported that among the countries that have reported increases in cases are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian territories and Oman.

The Eastern Mediterranean region is of particular concern as it is the scene of some armed conflicts of proportions, such as those affecting Syria, Yemen and Libya, which has caused their hospital infrastructures and their health systems in general to suffer enormous deficiencies and to be very limited capacity for action.


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