The world is played with sustainability and gender equality

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Acting Equality, Carmen Calvo, has assured that there are only two goals for the world: the physical sustainability of the planet and gender equality.

This was also indicated on Saturday by the Vice President of the Government at the inauguration of the "Beijing + 25: Achievements, deficiencies and challenges in the European Union" conference before the 25th anniversary in 2020 of the International Women's Conference held in Beijing.

According to Carmen Calvo, the other objectives "hang" on those two world affairs, "everyone else gets hooked on those two hangers": "This world of ours is played with the physical sustainability of the planet and the ethical sustainability of the fight of women, of feminism in public policies, of progress in gender equality. "

The vice president thanked the civil society for this congress and the fight for gender equality and has been convinced that the main engine that has been driving these 25 years has been the "self-empowerment" of women .

In these years "we have had allies" and now "we also have an answer" but "we only answer what exists," said Calvo, who has criticized "selfish, retrograde and meaningless policies in the 21st century who think that gender violence does not exist, there is no inequality. "

The Vice President and Minister of Equality in functions has highlighted the need to carry out "joint synergies" in the diversity of women to address these two main objectives.

The congress, organized by the Institute for Women and civil society, will be closed by the Secretary of State for Equality, Soledad Murillo, and aims to serve as a forum for the process of evaluating achievements and pending challenges in the implementation of the Conference from Beijing of 1995.

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