May 18, 2021

The works to rescue Julen despite the difficulties

The works to rescue Julen despite the difficulties

The works to rescue Julen, the 2-year-old boy who fell into a well in Totalán Málaga last Sunday, have made progress in the last few hours, although the difficulties have prevented him from meeting the initial 48-hour period provided by the authorities.

The work to build a platform on which two vertical tunnels will be practiced has already reached 18 meters depth of the total of 30 planned and it is expected that tomorrow morning they will finish, to start at noon or first hour of the afternoon with the first of the perforations.

The delegate of the College of Roads and Canals of Malaga, Ángel García, explained to journalists that once the drilling begins tomorrow, the way to reconcile it with the possible continuity of suction in the well where the child fell will be studied.

Although it will start with one of the vertical tunnels, there will be a second drilling machine to start the other one as soon as the technicians determine it.

Regarding the progress of the platform, he explained that as the level drops, there is more cubic meters because the work area is widening.

He added that the two tunnels are not made at the same time because it would mean expanding the platform and it is preferable to buy time with the drilling.

Given the possibility of rain in the coming days, ditches will be built for possible drainage of the fallen water.

Vertical drilling increasingly "becomes more relevant" because the platform has "a good rhythm," he said.


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