The works of CAAM inspire the dishes of Entre Entombones – La Provincia

The works of CAAM inspire the dishes of Entre Entombones - La Provincia

The Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) -in collaboration with the Integrated Center of Professional Training San Cristóbal and Lopesan Hotel Group- has organized the gastronomic days Between stoves. The kitchen in the CAAM Collection, which will be held on November 23 and 24 at the restaurant La Toscana del Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort.

The initiative was presented this Thursday during a ceremony headed by the president of the CAAM and the Culture Councilor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Carlos Ruiz; the director of the CAAM, Orlando Britto Jinorio; the director of the CIFP San Cristóbal, Gustavo Reyes, and the corporate director of Food and Beverages of Lopesan Group, Ignacio Bernaldo de Quirós.

The course-workshop Between stoves. The kitchen in the CAAM Collection is a project promoted since 2016 by the CAAM, through its department of education and cultural action, in which they participate 40 students and students of the CIFP San Cristóbal of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The initiative explores the confluences between the plastic arts and gastronomy, and analyzes the creative processes that characterize and at the same time relate to both disciplines.

The project aims to encourage creative development strategies among gastronomy students, from the field of art performance, with the objective of multiply work methodologies, once they enter the labor market.

During the gastronomic days the restaurant of the La Toscana restaurant of the mentioned hotel will be offered, in the dinner service, two menus of six courses with starters, main dishes and desserts, selected in the two previous editions of this project, with presentations inspired by works by the CAAM Collection.

The public that attends the conference will be able to enjoy these creations of the students of the CIFP San Cristóbal and will know through information contained in QR codes the singularities of this project, which fuses art and gastronomy.

These days represent the final highlight of the two previous editions of this project, which is articulated through a theoretical part, with talks given by the historian Daniel Paunero, and another practice, directed by the restorer and creative Amador García Casado.

In the theoretical part of the course, students learn different elements inherent to art, such as shape, color, texture and abstraction, taking as a point of reference a selection of works from CAAM funds. In the practical classes, a repertoire of menus is created and configured, later evaluated by several juries that select the work of the students.

Between stoves is a project developed around the idea that creativity is a mechanism present in multiple aspects of life and, therefore, it can unite fields such as art and gastronomy.


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