The workers of the public theaters will stop the premiere of Ana Belén with a strike

The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), dependent on the Ministry of Culture, threatened the group of workers that is leading the mobilizations against the requirements of the latest public job offer with a lawsuit calling for an illegal strike. A series of stoppages are scheduled to begin this Thursday, September 23 at the premiere of Antony and Cleopatra, by Shakespeare, a production of the National Classical Theater Company starring Ana Belén and Lluís Homar.

The stubbornness to fit the trades of the theater in the FP leads to demand from the stagehands the title of master fallero

The stubbornness to fit the trades of the theater in the FP leads to demand from the stagehands the title of master fallero

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The INAEM had foreseen the request for precautionary measures in the National Court against the strike supported by the Solidaridad Obrera union, and against the five members of the Strike Committee, according to the document to which has had access. The demand, now fully drafted, was based on the fact that the call for the strikes "alters what was agreed in the collective agreement", which would violate one of the assumptions that determine the illegality of a strike according to the Labor Relations Law. A negotiation at the last minute has prevented the INAEM from filing the lawsuit. The Strike Committee has had a meeting at the ministry's headquarters this Wednesday in which the ministry's representatives have indicated that they will modify the conditions of access to the places for the next call, but not for the present one. Therefore, the strike plans are still in place. Partial three-hour work stoppages have been called, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., on September 23 and October 7, 8 and 13.

This morning, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, confirmed in the press conference after the Interministerial Commission for the development of the Statute of the Artist that his ministry will not present the lawsuit against the illegality of the strike. "We are not going to challenge the strike. The right to strike is in our Constitution and, although it is true that the fact that it is called by a union that does not have an accredited important representation may raise doubts, in the end the strikes are made by the workers . We want to be respectful with this, "said the minister.

Studies that do not correspond to training

The strike, which also has the support of the Platform of Technicians and Techniques Affected by the EPO 2018, aims to denounce the selection process published on July 31 of 57 technical positions in national theaters and, at that time, workers temporary job boards of the INAEM learned that the qualification for access to the positions of alderman, machinist, utility worker or hairdresser made certain specific qualifications in FP mandatory, to be homologated with the Bologna plan, which are not those taken by professionals who they want to train in the technical offices of the theater.

Not even the specific training given at the Center for Spectacle Technology, a place of reference for theater studies and dependent on the INAEM itself, serves to present the opposition. These requirements mean that, for some of the jobs, a person can get a place with any FP not related to the show but professionals with extensive experience and years working in public settings cannot access, as has told.

José Carlos Plaza, the director of the work that will be harmed if the strike is successful, has supported the cause of technical workers at the press conference to present the Antony and Cleopatra this Wednesday. "Personally I am worried, sad and perplexed by the situation of the theater technicians," he said. "Please, stop treating us as if we were strange animals. The theater is a specialty in which you cannot make a standard in which people who have been working for years cannot access the squares. The reasons are very complex but it does not end to fix ", he added.

For his part, the actor and director of the National Classical Theater Company Lluís Homar, has also supported the conflict experienced by these professionals: "The theater is not only done by those who see us (...), which happens to a part of them [los equipos técnicos]It happens to all of us and we hope that things will be resolved soon, "he said.


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