The workers of Navantia celebrate that the contract follows its course

The workers of Navantia celebrate that the contract follows its course

The workers of Navantia feel today of "congratulations" because the contract for the construction of five corvettes for the Navy of Saudi Arabia follows its course and celebrate that next January 9 will start this project.

The chairman of the works council of the shipyard of Navantia in San Fernando (Cádiz), where it is expected that most of this contract falls, has expressed today this feeling of the workers.

He has done so, at the plant's door, after the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has defended in the Congress of Deputies to maintain this contract and that a Saudi delegation has visited the plant today to continue with the preparations for this project.

In his opinion, the President of the Government has said in Congress "what he had to say, that the contract was maintained", something that is "a pleasant news for the workers of San Fernando, the Bay of Cádiz and the province "

"From there" what they ask is that the commercial team of Navantia "do not fall asleep" and "continue looking for contracts abroad" and that the Spanish Government put "on the table" a second series of Maritime Action Vessels ( BAM) for the Spanish army.

The workers have been "nervous" these days in which they have considered the possibility of suspending this contract and the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, as Germany has done and as claimed by political groups such as Podemos, while the violent death of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the consulate of this country in Istanbul.

Now, after this possibility has been rejected and today's visit to the shipyard of the Saudi delegation, planned before this controversy, the workers are wishing that "January arrives" to start cutting the sheet of the five corvettes and that "by March we have many kids from the auxiliary industry working here".

Peralta explained that the Saudi delegation has had at the shipyard today a presentation of the entire construction process of the five corvettes and combat and control systems that will be incorporated.

With this "we have completed a process that has been very long and desperate, we can congratulate ourselves because we are close" to begin this historic contract.

The workers' representative has assured that throughout the last three years of the negotiation process, the Saudis have been "pending" of all the information that the Spanish media has offered on this contract.

"Everything comes to Arabia, are in line with everything that happens, who is against, who in favor," said Peralta, for whom, after all, "the interesting thing is that in the end workers will have This is what we wanted and what we have achieved. "


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