August 11, 2020

The words of the coach of Mallorca against Messi after Barcelona-Mallorca

Vicente Moreno and the Argentine soccer player discussed in the grass of the Camp Nou

Vicente Moreno, coach of Mallorca and Messi had a discussion in the field, in which, the Argentine of Barcelona, ​​was quite upset. It was for a foul. Then Vicente Moreno spoke of Messi: “There are certain players that seem to be in a bubble and it seems that you can not talk to them, ”said Moreno, who added that he said“ it was not necessary and he (Messi) will have bothered ”

The coach of Mallorca explained the defeat r in the Camp Nou (5-2), the coach of Mallorca, Vicente Moreno, regretted that his team has “conceded too much” to an opponent like Barcelona who, in his opinion, was “very higher".

"Despite the result of the first half (4-1), the team has gone out to compete, we have scored a goal and we have had a 4-3 option. Against these teams it gives you the feeling that you can, but that of always (Messi) and makes it impossible, "Moreno analyzed in the press conference after the game.

The coach of Mallorca aware that playing at the Camp Nou "is very difficult," lamented Griezmann's first goal, which came after a long assist from Ter Stegen, a goal he described as "lack of concentration" by his players.

Despite this, Moreno finished the game with good feelings: "You always have that light of possibility of getting something positive in the Camp Nou. After the process, we have to be calm. It is not a very different result than the teams that pass here".

After this result, Mallorca still does not score as a visitor, "a reality that we cannot cover," said Moreno, who was "convinced that an opportunity will come" far from Son Moix.

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