August 5, 2021

The words of Galds are transformed into images in 'Forty leagues through Cantabria' – The Province

The words of Galds are transformed into images in 'Forty leagues through Cantabria' - The Province

The steps, the words and the Galdosian look become images that cross time and space thanks to the exhibition Forty leagues through Cantabria, which collects the photographs taken by Angel Luis Aldai, who recreated the same scenarios through which the great writer from Gran Canaria traveled in the summer of 1876.

The sample supposes the continuation of a project that began to crystallize in May with the careful edition by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria of the text of Benito Pérez Galdós 'Forty leagues by Cantabria', updated with the look provided by the photographs of Aldai, reputed grancanario photographer who has exhibited in galleries in Madrid, Rome or New York.

Forty leagues through Cantabria will be inaugurated this Thursday, October 4, at 8:30 pm, by the president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, will remain open in the Pérez Galdós House-Museum until next March 24, 2019 and can be visited for free between 10.00 and 18.00, from Tuesday to Sunday.

This parallel journey through the villages and landscapes visited by the novelist established a suggestive dialogue between the word and the image that now also translates into the reproduction of 45 of the 130 author's images contained in the book, prefaced by Yolanda Arencibia, director of the Galdós Chair of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The exhibition is one of the central events of the Galdosian Biennium, a wide and varied program of activities designed by the Cabildo on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the birth of the immortal author from Gran Canaria on May 10, 1843, as well as his death, which is commemorated in 2020, as explained in the presentation today by the Minister of Culture of the island corporation, Carlos Ruiz.

Galdós wrote Forty leagues through Cantabria after traveling at the end of the summer of 1876 in horse-drawn carriages mountains and Cantabrian littoral areas in the company of the writer José María Pereda and also the Santander friend and merchant Angel Crespo. The journey led them to Santillana del Mar, Alfoz de Laredo, Comillas, San Vicente de la Barquera, Las Tinas, San Pedro de las Varedas, Panes, Las Gargantas, La Hermida, Potes, Treceño, Cabezón de la Sal or Casar de Periedo , among other places.

Aldai, whose work is present in important art collections of public organizations and private entities, carried out a trip whose path was marked by lines written more than a century and a half ago by Galdós. The text was originally published by 'Revista de España' and the newspaper 'La tertulia', from Santander.

Aldai is the author and editor of more than twenty photography books and has traveled the five continents to build a solid and recognizable personal space in the field of author photography. His photographs emerge in Forty leagues through Cantabria accompanying a particularly lively text where Galdós plays and enjoys his prose, transferring what he sees to readers and readers and applying a varnish to reality through his sensitivity.

The display of images Forty leagues through Cantabria contributes to give body to the commitment acquired by the Cabildo to pay tribute to the most international of the Canaries. The Galdosian Biennium it involves transversally, together with the Presidency, the Pérez Galdós House-Museum as its axis, the Department of Ediciones, Gran Canaria Espacio Digital or the Canarian Foundation for the Performing Arts and Music, spaces that are all dependent on the Ministry of Culture that directs Carlos Ruiz, as well as the so-called Galdós Laboratory for the performing arts.

Its purpose is double. On the one hand, it aims to spread the immense legacy of Galdós inside and outside the archipelago with a polyhedral offer where theater, publishing, music, conferences, audiovisual projects or discussion forums come into play. On the other hand, an important part of the actions is aimed at children, young people and university students.


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