April 11, 2021

The words of admiration of Joao Félix towards Cristiano

The Atlético player says he doesn’t weigh the 126 million who paid for him

Cristiano Ronaldo is “an example in everything”, but he is “unique and unrepeatable,” says Joao Félix in an interview with the newspaper “A Bola” that collects Europa Press. “He is an idol of my childhood, an example in everything. I was a child and he was already the best in the world, he is unique. He is making history in football, ”he says. Emulating the current Juventus player is not a goal you have in mind. “My plans at the moment are not long term, I like to plan things slowly,” he says. “They always ask me if I can reach the level of Cristiano and I always answer the same thing: Cristiano is unique and unrepeatable, I just want to be Joao Felix,” he insists.

On his signing for Atlético, he was sincere. “We thought:‘ Fuck, I cost 126 million. ” But after it happened to me and I only remember when people talk about it, ”he admits. And he adds, “without being naive,” that he doesn’t feel that his price is a drag. “I realized that there were high expectations about me, but I never saw it as a bad thing. I was always very calm in this stage of adaptation, with the support of my family and friends. In addition to all the support of Atlético, ”adds the winner of the‘ Golden Boy ’trophy. “The 126 million never weighed, this is never in my head. When I train or play, I’m only interested in football and doing what I like most. I want to be professional and be an important player. My passion is the key to being happy and having an excellent performance, ”adds the international.

He is often replaced before the end of each game and the young 20-year-old footballer also admits that Diego Pablo Simeone’s words about his physique at the end of the games have not felt bad. “Simeone says these things and does not mean anything bad about me, they are things to improve. I am going to work to have more gasoline, to endure a little more, ”he warns, ensuring that he is“ evolving every day ”.

“If I wonder if I expected all this when I started playing regularly at Benfica in January of this year, I think it’s something that didn’t happen even in my best dreams. Reality far exceeded expectations. Being a Benfica holder, reaching a very high level, being a national champion, reaching the national team, signing for Atlético and winning the Golden Boy in such a short time was great for me, ”he says.


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