the words of a communication worker from Madrid before the Aguado press conference

The press conference after the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid every Wednesday brings a new controversy. The discrepancies between the coalition partners are notorious and on many occasions this press conference has served to leave these discrepancies latent. This Wednesday, in addition, a phrase was heard on the public address system that the vice president and spokesman for the regional government, Ignacio Aguado, did not like.

Moments before Aguado's telematic appearance began, the following has slipped through the audio: "Today in the town fool's contest we received a visit from ...". The words were pronounced by one of the people who are part of the Madrid Executive's communication team during the sound check, although the regional government ruled out that they were in reference to the vice president.

Ignacio Aguado later wanted to downplay the matter by commenting on the audio published by Cadena Ser. "This year there was a lot of competition and I have lost again," the regional vice president said ironically on his Twitter account accompanied by laughing emoticons.


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