April 14, 2021

The women of @ larazon.es # JuntasSomosMásFuertes

The women of @ larazon.es # JuntasSomosMásFuertes

A sample of women who are part of the writing of THE REASON think about the role of women in today's society.

No tags, please; Pilar Gómez, Deputy Director

There are parties that prescribe them, entities that indicate them, associations that grid them. Women with labels. As in an ideological supermarket. Good and bad, progressive and reactionary, committed or fascist. That is not the way. We all have a common goal that is to transform society to achieve a model in freedom, without impositions, without classifications. A model in which equality is pursued. Without radical excesses, without obtuse maximalisms. Much has been achieved, true. But there are still gaps. Social, educational, salary, professionals. That is where it is necessary to fight.

The reasons before the acronyms; Carmen Morodo, Assistant Director

I reject the institutionalization that the Government has made of feminism. I reject the manipulation of the parties to appropriate the cause of the woman when they believe that she gives them votes, and forget about her when the electoral noise is passed. I reject the use of the battle for equal rights and duties to confront women. And I do not share the official manifesto of this mobilization. But I support it and I join because it is not a battle of genres or votes. The reasons for real and effective equality before the initials of each other. For the women who have brought us here and for the girls and boys of today.

Politics, that thing of two; Alejandra Clements, Chief Editor of Spain

They could not be police, military or judges. They were also not allowed to have an account in the bank without a man's permission. Dystopia in 2018, but reality in the dawn of our democracy. They, the women of the Transition, set out to conquer a previously male public space: of the 700 parliamentarians in 1977 only 21 were deputies and six senators. Today there are 144 deputies and 116 senators. The rights of women in Spain have evolved to the rhythm of the feminist push in political life. With strength, but still with a long path to full equality. This 8-M is a good day to remember pioneers like Clara Campoamor, who demanded that her contemporaries "give entrance to that half of human kind in politics so that it is a matter of two".

A matter of dignity; Rocío Colomer, Head of International Section

The MeToo movement in some points of the planet is a plane fused in black. Despite international efforts to advance women's rights; in some regions, the situation is reduced to a debate as basic and elementary as that of security and justice. In this 2019 there is still a third of women who will suffer some type of physical or sexual violence throughout their lives. There are still girls who are forced to marry and are still denied access to education. Europe can not turn its back on this reality and must work to combat this scourge. We have a moral obligation to be a beacon of light in the midst of this darkness. For them and for us. It is a question of dignity.

Weapons of woman; Macarena Gutiérrez, Opinion Editor

The condition of a woman and journalist in the field can be a double task or a weapon. It is true that in many places in the world you are a second-class citizen, but that condition of invisibility allows you, sometimes, to get closer, ask more and even risk more. This does not mean that the life of the reporters is full of facilities; Many have already fought much of the battle before catching the plane. And they will continue to do so when they get to the newsroom. There is a long way to go and reasons to claim, to stay alert. Suffice it to recall that, just 50 years ago, a woman needed her husband's permission to have a passport.

Anonymous heroines; Head of section of Madrid

History is full of great names of women who have made history in all areas and many have already been forgotten. Today is my neighbor, my friend, my co-worker, the one who now crosses the street, the great anonymous heroine of our time … Those who crown the highest peak for her family. They get it by renouncing their professional promotion or by solving the most complicated sudoku every day to make their work and their family compatible. We are still the ones who take care of the children. Today, more than ever, we deserve recognition and the demand for equality.

The 365 days of the year; Gema Pajares, Chief of Culture Section

All are the Women's Day, the 365, since it rises until the light is hidden. That's why today I will celebrate from my work table that I am and that I consider myself equal to my colleagues. And I will do it without voices or slogans or demonstrations. Without that extreme feminism at times in which today it seems that it should be military not to be branded as reactionary. Today will not be a different day nor will I feel above anyone else, but I will claim my right to continue being a proud and hardworking mother. All year, not only today.

The gap is also digital; Charo Bernao, Head of Internet Section

Although what is considered one of the first computer programs was created by a woman, Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, technology is still dominated by men. The arrival of new technologies has provoked a new form of inequality: the so-called digital gender gap. Educational policies are needed that encourage technological vocations among women, so that they can be considered mere "consumers" and become "creators".

The backpack of the image; Cecilia García, Head of Television and Communication Section

When a man combs gray hair turns out to be an interesting mature. If the same thing happens to a woman, it happens to be a left if it is not dyed. If a policy does not do its job well, one of the first qualifications it receives is that it is ugly. But it will never be used as a throwing weapon for a leader of the public thing that is bald or fat. Ugliness and age penalize a female more than a male. They are (micro) machismos that, and there is the most bleeding, propitiate women themselves. The mothers, sisters, friends tell us … And many of them feel that they have to take care of themselves, not for them, but to achieve the approval of someone who does not know who.

Productivity, our biggest prejudice; Paula Poveda Head of the Society section

Its simple image, in the form of a photo in the curriculum, leaves 30% of women out of the selection process. A cliff whose height increases for those who are mothers whose options are reduced by accessing a new job 35.9%. It is not a matter of preparation: the good news is that the distance between men and women is shortened when what the employer seeks is qualification. The glass ceiling continues unbreakable for us, and will only break when it is finished with these prejudices associated with productivity.

Feminization of Health; ANDS. Corada, Editor to Your Health

It is no coincidence that many health campaigns launched in developing countries or in the third world focus on women. This ensures that the measures that are to be implemented will have an impact on the entire community. Although with some modifications, this role of women is also maintained in our "first world", being, for the most part, those responsible for caring for the family. The feminization of Health is a reality, to the point that 70% of health professionals are women. It is time for women to take care of themselves, their health and well-being.

Past and future; Connie G. Santos, Head of Photography Section

I am 53 years old, an age to be able to talk about the past, the present and to venture with the future. Can you imagine how the work of a young photographer on a football field was years ago? The bleachers chanted in unison jokes that I prefer to forget. I had to justify always that I was as good or better than the others. I am currently head of the Photography Section and in my charge I have seven men and one woman. This is my fight and I hope that in my next photo of a summit there will be more policies and, opposite, more compañeras competing for the best image. Although many things have changed since my inception, there is still a long way to go.

That it is not just one day; Emma Arroyo, Head of Design and Layout section

It is very nice that every March 8, women become visible, that we live empowered 24 hours a day, that the media have us as absolute protagonists, that all put themselves on the side of the politically correct and that finally make us visible. But when this anniversary happens, the problems remain unperturbed, heavy and with few possibilities of resolution. Apart from misunderstood feminisms, only through collaboration and understanding between women and men can we advance as a society, to convince ourselves that the 8-M is the 365 days of the year.

Zoonimic machismo; Emer Iglesias, Head of the Continuity Bureau section

The courts increasingly condemn machismo as insults to women when compared to animals. The zoonimic metaphors are integrated into our language and we live with them. Expressions like being a lynx, having an elephant's memory, cunning as a fox or being like a bull are used to praise human qualities that are attributed to certain animals. But others like: you are a bitch, more stubborn than a mule, more whore than chickens, being a bitch, a disgusting rat or being like a seal are sexist comparisons that the courts are already beginning to consider a gender crime.


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