May 17, 2021

The woman who reg on the street: "I found out when I arrived at the bank" – La Provincia

With an intense feeling of gratitude, Loly Espiñeira has remained after a curious incident that she starred yesterday without realizing. This Vigila hotel hostel rained dozens of bills while riding a motorcycle through García Barbón: without knowing had not closed the bag in which he kept the collection of his premises, located in Rosalia de Castro, the money flew to the stupefaction of the passers-by and drivers who lived up to the NH hotel.

Espiñeira, according to herself, had 1,200 euros, mostly in 10 and 20 bills, with one of 50, so the commotion was capitalized. Pedestrians even entered the road to collect the money. And that's when it appeared the anonymous heroine of this story: a woman who was in charge of organizing the collection and then notified the Local Police. In total, together with the help of other pedestrians, 850 euros, the remaining 350 were taken by people not so kind. "There are very good people and not so much," says resigned Espiñeira, who insists on her thanks to those who did contribute to the recovery of the money.

The hotelier was only aware that she had lost the envelope when she arrived at the branch where she intended to enter it. At first he thought he had forgotten it at his place, but after searching everywhere and checking the security cameras he decided to call the Local Police to explain the situation. "Are you the biker?"asked the agent who attended her. The official explained what happened and, after verifying that she was the owner, returned the money. Hours later the joy was twofold. The agents contacted her again to explain that they had deposited part of the lost money at the police station. He collected another 160 euros, so he recovered 1010 euros from the 1200 that fell from his bag.

He also provided the number of the lady who worried about raising the money. "I called her and even cried when talking to her; there are very good people"he says. Surely next time he makes sure that the zipper of the bag is tightly closed.


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