The woman who killed her daughter in a hotel in Logroño: «You have to bring me clothes and money to jail. Do not leave me. I love you so much"

«Daniela, I'm Adriana, I call you from jail. I love you I love you I love you. I have very little time to talk, a woman is looking at me, it only leaves me five minutes. Listen, I need clothes. And I need money. You have to enter it in this account. You have to bring it now. Please. Do not leave me. I love you I love you Always together. I love you". Daniela Ugueto was so nervous that she hardly remembers what her sister Adriana was saying from the women's module of Logroño prison. I did not expect your call. Late Thursday afternoon, the holder of the Court of Instruction number 1, acting as a guard of detainees, decreed for her Provisional prison reported without bail for the alleged murder of his daughter Carolina, only five years old, at some point still undetermined between Sunday 26 and Monday 27 January. That morning, Adriana Ugueto was arrested after trying to launch herself from the window of room 404 of the Los Bracos hotel in the Rioja capital, while her mother, Olga Febles, grandmother of the little girl, committed suicide by throwing herself at the Ebro. When the police entered the room, found Carolina's lifeless body in bed, under a blanket, with no apparent signs of violence. It has been almost a week since this macabre crime occurred and there are still many questions. What was the role of grandmother? The researchers await the final conclusions of the autopsies of the grandmother and the girl although they suspect that Adriana and Olga (together or one of the two) provided benzodiazepines to Carolina to numb her and then asphyxiate her, an extreme that is not confirmed. As they had written down, the idea was also to end their lives. Only Olga "complied." Adriana did not dare to commit suicide and, after the removal of her daughter's body, she was transferred to the Psychiatry unit of the San Pedro hospital, where she was detained that afternoon. After spending her first night in prison, the 35-year-old girl dialed her younger sister's number. Daniela was caught by surprise and collapsed. He has not yet assimilated that his mother and niece are dead and that, on top of that, they accuse their sister of killing the girl. But that issue was not touched. Adriana asked for clothes, money and not to be left in the lurch but did not take the opportunity to clarify that she had not killed anyone, that all this was crazy, a misunderstanding. He said nothing. He knows he has the support of his little brothers, Daniela and Ramón. He is 19 years old, he studies in Madrid (although he comes to spend some weekend at home) and, after learning about the event, he published in his social networks: «I don't know why he did it. The three escaped from home. You don't know what hell my niece lived. They mistreated her psychologically and the father used her to harm the mother ... I don't defend what my sister has done but she also has her own. It was he who missed them early Sunday morning.

Little Carolina with her aunt

Little Carolina with her aunt

An escape at dawn

On Saturday afternoon, her niece had ridden a "zafarrancho" in the living room with all the toys she still had almost unused from Reyes. When he went to bed, at about 2:00 in the morning, all three were at home. About 7:00 he realized they were gone and alerted Daniela, who showed up at the address shortly after. They went down to the garage and found that they had taken the father's Ford Mondeo. They did not answer the calls and thought they could have had an accident so they decided to report the facts to the Civil Guard, where they did not pay much attention to them having spent so little time since the "disappearance." The brothers did not know what would have led their mother and sister to leave the house with the girl in the early morning. But, above all, it seemed strange to them that they had not notified because Daniela says that they have always been very close and talked on the phone every day "every hour." «We were always all four together: my mother, Adriana, Carolina and me. We went to the hairdresser, we did the manicure, we ate ... always together and very close, ”he recalls. The Ugueto Febles are of Venezuelan origin. They arrived in Spain 23 years ago and, after arriving in the Canary Islands, they moved to Haro (La Rioja) 12 years ago for labor reasons of the parent, Ramón Ugueto, engineer. The neighbors say that the couple had separated and that is why Olga was a bit "down." Daniela denies it and ensures that her father's stays in Madrid were for work reasons. What is certain is that Carolina's grandmother had no luck in business. They opened a clothing store in Miranda de Ebro, MasQMarcas, but had to liquidate last November. Seeing that that did not work, two months before closing, Adriana put an ad as a teacher of private lessons at home at 10 euros per hour. «I am a Primary School teacher, graduated from the University of Burgos in 2008. I have every morning and afternoon».

Obsessed with her ex's new girlfriend

His former partner for four years and the girl's father, Javier Corral, was also a teacher. She had denounced him for ill-treatment but the complaint was filed, according to police sources.. Javi was always a camp monitor for kids in the town but a couple of years ago he had taken a position as a Physical Education teacher at the Entreviñas de San Asensio school (15 minutes from Haro) and this course was a sixth tutor. He had rebuilt his love life with Jennifer and they shared a flat in Haro, next to the magnifying glass in the El Mazo neighborhood, something they say was not going well with Adriana. In fact, Jenifer came to report that Adriana had scratched her car and was chasing her, according to police sources. It was also hard for Adriana that Carolina's custody be assigned to the father and she only saw the girl on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and two weekends a month. «He always went with a smile on his mouth. I saw him every morning when he came to leave the girl at the grandparents 'house, Lucia and Miguel, and he was always happy, ”they explain next to their parents' house. It was the grandfather who took the girl to San Felices de Bilibio school every morning, five minutes from his home. The grandparents are devastated and waiting for the judge to soon authorize the delivery of the girl's body to bury her. It was known to all that the relationship between the two families was not good and the former couple had starred in some public disagreement in the outpatient clinic. The girl suffered a disease called neutropenia, a problem in the blood (chronic decrease in blood granulocytes), which forced him to undergo controls twice a year at the La Paz hospital in Madrid. "They have not been well (Olga and Adriana) because the business was bad for them, because of their romantic relationships and because there was a season that they always went to hospitals with children," says one close friend. And Daniela also had problems with the twins (who just took nine months with her cousin Carolina) who were born seven months. "It was Adriana, the only one with a card, who took them to school and had devotion to her," explains Daniela, who denies that her mother and sister were psychologically ill. However, they themselves wrote letters (up to seven) expressing their intention to get out of the way, although they did not refer to the girl. Ramón son found them at the top of his closet on Monday afternoon. It is important for the investigation to know the time of the girl's death to confront her with the time when the grandmother left the hotel and know if she could participate in the murder of the girl or if she left her granddaughter alone with her mother knowingly than I planned to do with her. In any case, if the investigation proves that the girl was alive before the grandmother left, it is quite likely that the line of defense of Adriana's lawyer, Pierre Schwart, will pass by adjudicating material authorship of the homicide to the now deceased grandmother. In this regard, Daniela denounces that today, almost a week after all, the Police have not officially informed her that her mother has died and learned from journalists. "They haven't even let me see his body," he complains.

Mourning at school

San Felices College celebrated peace day on Thursday in the courtyard but Carolina was missing. Both teachers and parents are very affected by what happened. Carolina was a student and her mother and alleged murderer, Adriana, a member of the AMPA. "On Tuesday, the children held a workshop where they expressed their feelings and the educators tried to explain the duel," explains one of the mothers of the school. They also made a mural with drawings and phrases for the girl they posted on social networks. The news has shocked everyone in Haro. The health problems suffered by the girl were known to many and everyone was very affectionate to the child. In the City Hall the flags are half-mast, they concentrated on their memory and improvised an altar in their honor with candles where people deposited flowers and some letters, like one with a children's letter that says: «I didn't know you too well but always You will be the sweetest and simplest girl I met throughout my life. You never deserved this, you didn't deserve to suffer, you didn't deserve this. I know that nobody was waiting for you there now you are better and now nobody can hurt you anymore. I love you and you will always live in our hearts. Good trip".


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