The Woman Sport awards are born

The Woman Sport Awards are born.

WOMAN magazine and SPORT newspaper have joined forces to launch the Woman Sport Awards for Women in Sport, the first edition of which will be held on Monday night at the Old Damm Factory in Barcelona. The two headers, both of Iberian Press, have formed a historic alliance with the aim of creating the first national event thought, designed and created to support, recognize and give visibility to women in the world of sport. It is often said that women’s sport is an example and a mirror for society, but this time it is put into practice by rewarding those athletes, organizations, initiatives and institutions that have managed to become benchmarks in a world that has always been more complicated for women. . WOMAN and SPORT award a total of ten awards in this first edition of the Women in Sports Awards.

The winners at the gala, which It will be broadcast live from 8:00 p.m. on Teledeporte, the thematic channel of TVE, are the journalist Paloma del Río (Prenio Comunicación), the athlete Yulimar Rojas (International Award), the tennis player Carla Suárez (Overcoming Award), the president and secretary of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Ana María Perera and Francisca Perelló (Board of Directors Award), the Movistar cycling team (Team Award), the taekwondista Coral Bistuer (Career Award), the personal trainer Patry Jordán (Sport Award 4.0), the Barça women’s team (Extraordinary Award), the kitesurfer Gisela Pulido (Sports Evolution Award) and synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell (Woman in Sport Award).

A total of ten awards to recognize ten outstanding careers in their respective fields, always with the common point of being brilliant women, talented and with leadership capacity. With this first edition of the Women in Sport Woman Sport Awards, what is intended is give visibility to their careers, that seldom make the front pages of the media. Something that is totally unfair and that, with this initiative, wants to be corrected.

The gala, which they will attend about 200 guests following all health regulations against the pandemic, will be presented by TVE journalist Montse Busquets (specialist in sports information for the state channel) and will feature a musical performance by Luz Casal, who with her particular and unmistakable personality will set the pace for this first edition of the awards.

Overcoming Award

Carla Suarez

The professional tennis player returned to the courts after overcoming cancer

International Award

Yulimar Rojas

The Venezuelan broke the world record for triple jump in Tokyo

Sport 4.0 Award

Patry Jordan

4.0 International reference as an online coach with her channel

Communication Award

River dove

It has broadcast a total of 15 editions of the Olympic Games

Career Award

Coral Bistuer

Pioneer of taekwondo in Spain, was world champion

Extraordinary Prize

Barça Women

She has won the treble and has taken the podium of best players

Woman in Sport Award

Ona Carbonell

She returned to compete in a Games a year after being a mother

Sports Evolution Award

Gisela Pulido

Ten times Freestyle Kitesurf World Champion

Team Award

Movistar team

First Spanish professional cycling team created in 2018

Directive Award

Ana Maria Parera

Together with Francisca Perelló they direct the Nadal Foundation


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